Tanks and Dragons – Race of Dash201 and Esie

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Hello guys.

We are talking about a friendly match by me and @esie.

As you see, our points increase and decrease.

We fight against each other for points.

I have no grudges with you or fights. Don’t take this as a insult.

Cause you see, my pfp is a tank and esie is a dragon.

So if the tank shoots, than the dragon flies away.

But if the dragon comes back and attacks, since the tank is metal and tungsten, and tungsten has the highest melting point, it won’t melt.

Who will win?


So since we are racing, nobody has a chance of winning.

I’m only 9 years old. esie has a 0.01 chance of winning and I have 0.0

Ok guys, I explained what is happening.


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