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Kidznet has recently been struck by the sudden and depressing loss of Esie. She’s not dead ofc she just won’t be on.

I will try my very best to keep Kidznet alive like she did and keep the spirits up as she did. I know no one will be able to fill the hole in our hearts made by this loss, but I will try my very best to be someone the Kidznet community can love like esie.

We have also lost bookworm234. We will miss them dearly and try to move past this sad time.

However, here is the bad news.

Kidztalk is arguably in worse condition than Kidznet. Kidznet is a smaller community, so there’s more loss when a member leaves. However, influential people in the Kidztalk community are leaving left and right.

I was initially against joining Kidztalk because I needed to help Kidznet and boost the popularity of Kidznet as Kidztalk is already popular enough. But the losses have changed my mind. Kidztalk is still popular, yes, but I need to heal these losses too.

and finally, the point:

I will have to work around the clock, so I won’t be able to be here as much. If you have Kidztalk, you will be able to see me for the same amount of time.

I’m very sorry about this, and I promise to help both communities.

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