What Happened To Me?

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You probably thought I’d never come crawling back, but here I am.

I suppose I’ll give you all a little update about the future of my account and some other things. So a few weeks ago, I reached 1,000,000 points on KidzTalk, which was really cool and exciting. Looking at my account here on KidzNet, I’m still at the top of the leaderboard despite being so inactive, which was honestly surprising. With other users closing in on me, I don’t expect to maintain the rank, but I would like to come back nonetheless.  With my return, I’m going to be posting original articles about topics that are interesting to me. These posts may be accompanied by original videos (with no voice or face) summarizing the article for people who don’t want to read my stuff. Recently I haven’t been posting much because I didn’t feel like writing a post just for the sake of writing a post, if you know what I mean. I’d like to write about stuff that’s interesting to me. KidzWeek will continue but I’m going to end the childish drama posts, because they don’t really interest me anymore. I haven’t posted since February, so I’m excited to get back into it.

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