Help MS to Save the Earth – Grow Your Our E-Tree to Real Trees

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Do you know how Microsoft Start Weather supports a reforestation project in Kenya?

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, and it affects every aspect of our lives.

From extreme weather events to food insecurity, biodiversity loss, and health risks, the impacts of climate change are felt by people and nature worldwide.

Are you a nature lover who really wants to do something for mother nature? Then, this is your chance to save the earth! Though we are an online community and never have seen each other—we can join together as one family to protect mother nature!

One of the most effective ways to mitigate climate change and adapt to its consequences is reforestation.

Planting trees not only sequesters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but also provides multiple benefits for ecosystems and communities. Trees improve soil quality, water availability, air quality, wildlife habitat, and livelihood opportunities.

That’s why Microsoft Start Weather, the most accurate global weather forecasting service according to a recent independent study, has partnered with a local community in Kenya to support their reforestation project.

The project aims to restore 50% of the Mirema Forest, an area heavily deforested for charcoal production.

The Mirema Community Forest Association (CFA) started the project in 2018 after experiencing recurrent floods that damaged their crops and homes due to the lack of trees and vegetation.

The community members decided to take action and plant native tree species in the forest and practice the natural regeneration of existing trees. They also established a tree nursery to grow seedlings for future planting.

Since then, the community has planted over 300,000 trees in the forest, with a survival rate of 70%. The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) has also joined the initiative and provided technical and management support. The KFS expects the entire 810-hectare (2,000-acre) forest to be restored by 2027.

The reforestation project has not only improved the environmental conditions of the area, but also enhanced the social and economic well-being of the community.

The forest now provides a source of income for the CFA members, who sell seedlings, honey, fruits, and medicinal plants. The forest also protects the local streams that feed the Kuja River, which supplies water to Lake Victoria and supports millions of people and wildlife.

Microsoft Start Weather is proud to be part of this inspiring story of community-led reforestation. By providing accurate and timely weather information to the CFA members, Microsoft Start Weather helps them plan their planting and maintenance activities according to the weather conditions.

Microsoft Start Weather also helps them monitor their region’s climate trends and impacts, such as rainfall patterns, temperature changes, and droughts.

Microsoft Start Weather is more than just a weather forecasting service. It is a tool for empowering people and communities to take action for a better future.

By using industry-leading machine learning, AI, and other innovative technologies, Microsoft Start Weather delivers up-to-the-minute weather information for free on Windows devices, Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers, and Android or iOS devices.

Whether you want to check the weather for your daily activities, travel plans, or reforestation project, Microsoft Start Weather is here to help you make informed decisions.

All you have to do is complete simple daily tasks provided by Microsoft Start Weather and reach level 10. That means you’ve fully grown your E-tree. Then a real plant is planted in Kenya by Microsft! How easy is that?


Have a green day!

nature lover,


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