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Fictional Wars Ep. 4- Texan-Californian War Pt. 4 (Very Short)

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This series has been so much fun to write, and I’m glad y’all like it.


The absolute bloodfest at Chandler Beach proved to the Texans that Californians could fight.

It also proved to the Californians that Texan Marines would fight till the bitter end, no matter the cost.

A weird thing about this war is that a lot of soldiers used old equipment. Instead of using M4a2 rifles that the Texan Military had introduced, some companies of Texan Soldiers used Iraq War equipment, which was deadly but not up to date.

man in brown and black camouflage uniform holding rifle

About 2,000 of the soldiers from the countryside actually used Vietnam War equipment- which actually proved to be very effective in Arizona and Southern California.

Many Californian soldiers favored using old M16s, primarily the A1 and A2 versions.

About 21% of Californian Snipers used a Ruger-American Bolt-Action .308, and another 24% used a Tikka Bolt-Action .300 Win Mag. The rest, 55%, used standard-issue snipers. Many Californian Snipers preferred bolt-action hunting rifles because they felt familiar and comfortable with them. The .300 Win Mag and the .308 were both very deadly and accurate rounds.

Anyway, moving on to the battles, Division General Ford noticed a weak link in the Californian’s defensive chain.

After ordering airstrikes on the troops surrounding the weak section, he smashed 50,000 soldiers through the line.

six fighter jets

However, General Thomas was ready to come back. General Thomas secretly had 100,000 men stashed away behind the defensive chain.

He wrapped around the Texan Forces, trapping them in. The Californians closed in, killing all but 15,000 men who luckily escaped the siege.

The Californian force suffered only 3,000 losses, and Ford was furious. In a fit of blind rage, he sent 75,000 men to flank the Californians.

Another encirclement and 25,000 more men were killed. This war was getting balanced.


ik this was short, and I’m sorry

A longer one is coming soon.

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