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Loaf cats are probably the best trend to come out of the internet since its inception. Just Imagine if the scientists who invented the internet time-travelled to 2021 and saw a loaf cat picture online. I think they would be proud of what the internet has become today. Anyways, I’m off topic. Today, we’re going to be counting down the top 5 loaf cat pictures of all time. Many of these cats have taken an inspiration from loaves of bread and have put their own unique twist to the art of being a Loaf Cat.


#5 Tabby Loaf


Tabby Loaf is truly one of the greatest cat loaves of all time. Although his resemblance to a loaf of bread is uncanny, the only thing keeping tabby from being higher up on this list is not being quite fat enough to be a true loaf cat. However, Tabby’s cuteness makes up for this fact, and they have solidified the #5 position on this list.


#4 Loaf Buddies


Loaf buddies is a classic example of a loaf cat, with a twist. Here, you can see the blatant resemblance between this cat and a loaf of bread, which may help explain the Loaf Cats trend to new users who might be wondering about it. However, this cat is also not fat enough to be a true loaf cat, so thus we must move on.


#3 Loaf Kitten


Loaf Kitten is probably the cutest cat on the list. Already, Loaf Kitten has demonstrated their ability to become a loaf at such a young age. Loaf Kitten is truly a prodigy and I suspect they will rise to the top of this list later once they’ve fattened up. Loaf Kitten has a great future ahead, and I wish them luck in their future loaf endevors.


#2 Half-Loaf


Half Loaf is a new take on the Loaf Cat format, and this cat in particular has mastered it. In addition to being a loaf, Half Loaf is also very chunky, and the paws hanging down are the cherry on the cake for this cat loaf. I look forward to seeing more from Half Loaf’s creative powers in the future, and their unique format has landed them on the #2 spot on this list.

#1 Cat in bread pan


Cat in bread pan is the epidemy of the loaf cats. They’ve mastered loaf form wonderfully in this truly creative (and uncomfortable) position. Just for the sheer effort and dedication it must take to crawl into a bread pan, I award Cat in bread pan the #1 spot on the Top 5 loaf cats of all time list.

In conclusion, this is the dumbest post I’ve ever written, so be sure to leave a rating and a comment down below if you like this quality content. See ya in the next post!

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