Things you can pick up from the dollar store

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Hello. Today we are going to discuss Dollar Stores

Everything is below 4$

Cause in this one, we are going to tell you the things we can buy from it.

For example, a gaming mouse comes in once a month.

And Legos too, cause in Dollarama, Montoy makes blocks that are compatible with Legos. Or should I say art supplies in Dollarama.

You can get a geometry box for studying, hot glue, or even super glue.

Every type of supplies are there.

You can get:

  • toys
  • board games
  • beyblades
  • pokemon cards
  • chips
  • power banks
  • toy guns
  • all toys
  • cards
  • supplies.
  • wall clocks sometimes
  • keyboards
  • webcams
  • headphones
  • speakers
  • wireless chargers
  • lights
  • cables
  • all electronics for 4 bucks


What do you think? What great things did you find at a dollar store and was it worth getting?

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