Top 10 STEM Toys For Biology (2022)

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A lot of people are driven by curiosity and always have that thirst for knowledge. Learning science is an incredible way to quench that desire to discover truths about the world around us. 

Through science, we get to seek answers through experimentation and observation. It also helps us form the world we live in today and make our lives easier.

One of the most important branches of science is biology, the scientific study of life and living organisms. And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Here are the top 10 Biology STEM toys you may use to expand your knowledge about life.

1. National Geographic Ultimate Dual Microscope Kit

Microscopy is one of the most important techniques used in biology, and the microscope is considered the backbone of studying biology. This is because most details of living organisms, such as cells, algae, fungi, and bacteria, cannot be seen by the human eye. But with the aid of a microscope, biologists can study them.

So National Geographic Ultimate Dual Microscope Kit is the perfect STEM kit if you want to practice your skills in microscopy. It includes 10 curated slides of various biological specimens, two sets of optical glass lenses, a Petri dish, a mini geode, and a Microscopes Learning Guide.

This set also includes a brine shrimp experiment where you can track the brine shrimp’s life cycle!

An excellent way, indeed, to introduce biology!

2. SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

Anatomy is an important branch of science that studies the structures of the body of living organisms. This includes the major organ systems in the human body.

With SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body, you can discover how the human body works! It includes a 12″ plastic human body model stand with 21 removable realistic vital organs, muscles, and bones!

Interact with the fascinating world of the human body with this hands-on kit!

3. Thames & Kosmos Genetics & DNA Lab

Investigate the blueprints for life with Thames & Kosmos Genetics & DNA Lab!

Genetics is the study of genes and heredity, one of biology’s central pillars! And you can learn about biological inheritance or how traits will be passed and expressed as you isolate the tomato’s DNA in a test tube with this kit.

You can also learn about the biology of reproduction, the components of cells, how chromosomes are combined and copied, and the dominant and recessive genes here!

4. Dissect-It Simulated Synthetic Lab Dissection STEM Toy

Have hands-on learning about the internal structures of animals with the Dissect-It Simulated Synthetic Lab Dissection STEM Toy! The set includes 4 Dissect-It kits of animals, including a frog, bat, salamander, and piranha. 

It features a complete set of organs and skeletal structures where you can have a realistic dissection experience without using a real animal! 

5. Wild Environmental Science

Another branch of biology is marine biology, which deals with studying marine life and organisms in the sea. 

You can create an underwater world with realistic coral reefs and metal salt seagrass by mixing solutions with this ocean science kit, Wild Environmental Science! 

You can also create a marine ecosystem, underwater shipwreck, and dive for artifacts. With this kit, you learn about how coral reefs benefit ocean ecology and how climate change affects it. 

6. Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit

If you want to study how animals eat, live, and interact with their habitats, Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit will suit you well.

Witness butterfly metamorphosis, one of nature’s most spectacular transformations up close! Over approximately three weeks, you can grow and look at how your pet caterpillars turn into lovely Painted Lady butterflies.

This kit is STEM Authenticated, providing an excellent hands-on learning opportunity to explore, grow, and learn about an animal’s life cycle.

7. National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit

For aspiring paleontologists, National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit is the one for you! 

Paleontology, another branch of biology, studies ancient life and uses fossils to explore life’s history. And you can expand your knowledge on this with this kit.

You can dig up 15 real prehistoric fossils from ammonites, sharks, dinosaurs, brachiopods, mosasaurs, and more. It also includes a full-color detailed learning guide where you can learn how to identify the discovered specimen and how fossils are formed. 

Definitely a perfect STEM activity to learn about Paleontology!

8. EZ BioResearch Bacteria Science Kit

Microbiology, another branch of biology, studies the biology of microscopic organisms, including algae, bacteria, fungi, slime molds, protozoa, and viruses.

And if you want to watch how bacteria colonies form, EZ BioResearch Bacteria Science Kit will suit you well!

It includes science experiments from detecting bacteria on household objects and body parts to testing the simple 5-second rule to evaluating the effectiveness of anti-bacterial agents.

9. Light-Up Terrarium Kit 

Botany is the study of plants, including their properties, structure, and biochemical properties. So it’s also a branch of biology.

And if you’re an aspiring botanist or want to discover the beauty of nature, the Light-Up Terrarium Kit is the one for you.

With this all-inclusive kit, you can create a miniature garden or terrarium that simulates a natural environment within a container. You can watch the chia and wheatgrass seeds grow day by day and see them glow at night with the built-in innovative LED light under the lid. 

This a fascinating and educational hands-on opportunity to learn more about botany!

10. Clay Turtle Lagoon

Marine biology studies marine organisms (plant and animal life forms), their behaviors, and their interactions with the environment. 

With Clay Turtle Lagoon, you can create your own sea turtle lagoon, making it an excellent STEM activity for marine biology!

The kit includes a habitat container, two sea turtles, and one starfish to craft and mold with clay! What’s great about this is that the clays used are glow-in-the-dark ones, so when you hit the lights, you can watch your turtle lagoon glow!

While creating the sea creatures and turtle lagoon, you will learn more about sea turtles and other ocean animals!

Do you have other STEM toys perfect for Biology in mind that you want to receive or feel should have made our list? Comment down below and share them with others!

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