Top 10 STEM Toys For Teaching Math Skills (2022)

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Math has a reputation for being one of the most challenging subjects for most students. From attention difficulties and learning gaps, to lack of practice, there are many reasons why Math can be difficult for some.

This is why it’s important to expose students early on and inspire their love of math to develop the necessary Math skills. And there is no better way to engage them in mathematical exercises than learning naturally through toys to make it more fun.

Here are the top 10 STEM toys you may want to use to learn or improve your math skills.

1. Coogam Wooden Puzzle Pattern

Coogam Wooden Puzzle Pattern is a traditional method for teaching mathematics using jigsaw puzzles. This tangram game comes with a puzzle board, 11 pieces of colorful Russian blocks of various shapes blocks, and 60 brain-teasing challenges!

The wooden blocks must be rearranged and put back together on the board without spaces. This tangram puzzle helps introduce geometric concepts like symmetry, develop spatial visualization skills, and improve attention concentration, which are skills important for mathematics. It also helps kids perform better on geometric shapes.

2. Sumoku

Sumoku is a unique crossword-style number game with 96 numbered tiles, one die, and a zippered canvas pouch.

Players need to roll the die and arrange the numbered tiles in crossword style, adding them to a multiple of the number on what the die reads.

An excellent game to work on math skills, including the four basic arithmetic skills (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

3. hand2mind Rainbow Fraction Tower Cubes

If you’re having difficulty visualizing and understanding, or want to improve your skills in fractions, hand2mind Rainbow Fraction Tower Cubes will suit you well!

It includes nine fraction cubes with different colors that represent the 9 main values of fractions: whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eights, tenths, and twelfths.

The colorful fraction tower cubes can help students name fractions and decimals, compare and order fractions, see equivalent fractions and relationships between fractional parts of the same whole, and explore common denominators. 

What a fun and engaging way to learn about fractions through hands-on experiences!

4. Proof! Math Game – The Fast-Paced Game of Mental Math Magic

If you want a game for your next family game night, Proof! Math Game is the one for you! 

Proof! is a fast, fun, and addicting math game with 100 number cards where you can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and square roots. You need to shout out the answer before the other players!

It’s a great brain game training for improving math skills. Proof! Math Game received the Academic’s Choice Brain Toy award in 2020.

5. Mindware Q-Bitz Pattern Matching Game

Q-Bitz is an excellent puzzle pattern-matching game for stimulating the brain and improving your math skills!

It includes 80 Q-Bitz cards, four different colored sets of 16 cubes, and four wooden trays. Players must recreate the patterns on the game cards with the 16 cubes with over 200 different ways to play. 

Q-Bitz helps students practice symmetry and spatial reasoning skills, which are important ideas in mathematics. In Mathematics, Symmetry means one shape is equal to the other, even when moved, rotated, or flipped. On the other hand, Spatial reasoning is the ability to imagine things in three dimensions. 

This game received lots of awards, including the Parent’s Choice Gold Award, the Tillywig Toy Award’s Bain Child Award Winner, and the National Parenting Publications Awards’ Nappa Gold.

6. FOLDOLOGY – The Origami Puzzle Game

Challenge yourself with FOLDOLOGY – The Origami Puzzle Game! It includes 100 puzzles and five difficulty levels, with each puzzle starting easy and gradually getting harder.

Moreover, FOLDOLOGY is an origami game that is a great way to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts while exploring many geometric forms. It’s also an excellent way to train visual-spatial ability, logical reasoning skills, and critical thinking. 

7. Multiplication Slam

Learn multiplication in a fun and engaging way with Multiplication Slam! It has five math games that reinforce multiplication concepts for numbers 1–9 and teaches math factors, factor pairs, and sequencing. 

Each game is timed with cool sound effects. Players need to jam to the beat, scan the possible answers, and slam the button with the correct answer.

It’s even portable and travel-friendly, making it a perfect game on the go! What a fun way to master multiplication skills!

8. View-Thru Geometric Solids

Spark your interest in geometry and math with View-Thru Geometric Solids!

This 14-piece set features transparent large and small 3-D shapes: cube, cone, cylinder, rectangle, hemisphere, sphere, square pyramid, pentagonal prism, pyramid, triangular prism, and triangular pyramid. 

The View-Thru Geometric Solids is an excellent way to learn early geometry and discuss volume and other math concepts!

9. Melon Rind Clumsy Thief Money Game 

If you want a hilarious game while learning math, the Melon Rind Clumsy Thief Money Game will suit you well!

It’s an Adding to 100 Math Game with 93 colorful cards and illustrated rules. 

Players need to make money stacks that equal $100. However, money stacks can be snatched by other players using Thief cards. In contrast, jail cards stop Thief cards. 

This game teaches addition and requires strategy and a great sense of humor. The player with the most money wins!

10. Genius Games Math Rush 3

Genius Games Math Rush 3 is the one for you if you’re into cooperative games!

Math Rush 3 is a cooperative, time-based math flash card game that teaches about fractions, decimals, and percentages. 

A team of players must work together to solve equations. Up to five players must properly sequence math equations before the timer runs out. The player with the highest score wins!

Do you have other STEM toys perfect for Math in mind that you want to receive or feel should have made our list? Comment down below and share them with others!

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