The 10 Best STEM Toys Of 2022

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Last time, I shared with you the most popular holiday toys of 2022. And I do hope you found a gift from the list that you want to receive this coming holiday! But if you haven’t read it yet, you can check it here on KidzNet.

Now, when picking out a toy, I’m pretty sure you also consider something that will provide plenty of fun while also helping to teach important skills you might need in the future.

In this new post, we’ll look at STEM toys, which are toys geared toward curiosity, learning, and education. And the great thing about these toys is that they’re fun!

But before I share the list with you, let’s learn a bit more about STEM. 

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These toys help kids develop essential skills, including problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and logical reasoning, that are useful throughout their lives. 

STEM toys also help make STEM subjects, which kids typically find intimidating, to be fun and approachable. In other words, STEM toys are a great medium for kids to discover the joys of learning science, mathematics, engineering, and technology early on.

Now, without further ado, here are the top 10 STEM toys you want to add to your gift list!

1. Magna-Tiles

The ever-so-popular Magna-Tiles is a building set where 3D magnetic tiles that you click together form flat 3-dimensional shapes. It includes 32 translucent, colorful squares and triangles.

Magna-Tiles help develop tactile and spatial skills, creativity, fine motor skills, focus, and concentration. If you’re into creating and building stuff, you’re definitely going to love this!

2. Snap Circuits Teach Tech Mech 5

For aspiring engineers here, Mech-5 is the one for you. It is a one-of-a-kind Mechanical Coding Robot you can assemble. And after building the robot, you can snap the coding buttons onto the coding wheel to see it move! 

This stem robot can rotate 360 degrees, move forward and backward, and even do challenging tasks like drawing, throwing, kicking, and lifting. 

Mech-5 is an entry-level robot that will help teach you about coding basics and mechanical engineering principles.

3. Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Science Kit

Solve exciting crime mysteries with this safe and fun educational Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Science Kit. 

Like a crime scene investigator, you can solve two mysteries with eight activities by following clues and gathering evidence, learning about DNA, matching fingerprints, testing powders, and decoding secret messages.

The set includes baking soda, citric acid, flour, 12 suspect cards, six ph strips, three coffee strip filters, three cups, two markers, two plastic bags, decoder glasses, a graduated cylinder with a cap, a test tube with cap, a painting, rubber band, shoe print, and activity guide. 

4. National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab

With this Mega crystal-growing lab kit, you can grow various vibrant crystals while learning about science, geology, and crystal formation. 

The deluxe set includes six colors of crystal-growing powder, four real crystal specimens, two flexible silicone growing chambers, a light-up crystal display base, a full-color STEM Learning Guide and instructions, and many more.

What’s great about this stem chemistry kit is that you can grow your own crystals and display them after! 

5. Pizza Garden Kit

If you’re into gardening or want to immerse yourself in botany, this Pizza Garden Kit will suit you well.

Grow your own vegetables, including tomato, peppers, and basil, to top your delicious pizza. You can place your clear mini greenhouse terrarium near your window and watch your seeds thrive into herbs and vegetables you can eat!

6. Math for Love Prime Climb

Prime Lab is a strategy-based board game you can play with your family that is fun and helps you develop deeper mathematical thinking.

It helps you learn and master prime number concepts, multiplication,  division, and factorization by combining colors. 

What a fun and exciting way to learn Math!

7. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit

If you already have a Nintendo Switch, you should try the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit. 

Build Toy-Con or customizable cardboard creations that you can connect to your Switch console. See your amazing creations come to life, allowing you to play related games, interact and explore a mysterious world, and more.

8. Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit is a fun and safe way to learn the basics of electrical engineering! 

You can build electric-powered projects and toys, which provide hands-on education on electronics and how electrical circuits work. After mastering several techniques introduced in the kit, you can experiment and create your own electronic devices and circuits.

9. Crayola Paper Flower Science Kit

Whether you’re interested in science or love nature, the Crayola Paper Butterfly Science Kit will surely be a hit. 

Get hands-on learning experience in physics and learn about the science of water “wicking” while creating color-changing flowers. You will also learn about capillary action, where the ascension of liquids through a tube or cylinder occurs.

Definitely a hands-on educational toy that is beautiful to behold! 

10. National Geographic Solar Moon Buggy 

National Geographic Solar Moon Buggy is a must-have for space enthusiasts here. 

This wooden model kit is a fantastic way to inspire and broaden your interest in space exploration, model-building, and engineering. 

All you need to do is assemble this 3D lunar vehicle model kit. What’s excellent about this is that it’s solar-powered. Once assembled, the Solar Moon Buggy will move on its own in direct sunlight!

Do you have other STEM toys in mind that you want to receive or feel should have made our list? Comment down below and share them with others!

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