Facts about Sphynx cats!

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I love Sphynx cats <3 here are some facts about them!

1. Sphynx cats are known to be good cuddle bugs. These cats just love to keep snugged up and cozy with their owners. It’s a means for them to stay warm anytime they feel the need to. Interestingly enough, Sphynx cats’ natural body temperatures are actually known to be 4 degrees warmer than average cat temperatures.

2. It’s easy to assume that these cats probably originated in Egypt because of their names, but they didn’t. Sphynx cats actually originated in Canada in 1966. According to accounts, the cats are the result of a mutated gene that resulted in the very first hairless kitten that ever walked the Earth. Thanks to the science of evolution, Sphynx cats came to be on their own. The name comes as homage to the famous ancient Egyptian statues.

3. It’s not hard to believe that the Sphynx cat breed has long been associated with mystic powers, especially in the Russian culture. In Russian folklore, the Sphynx cat is a symbol of good fortune and abundance. This is the reason why many Russian royalty favors Sphynx cats for pets. Because of their popularity among royalty, Sphynx cats became associated with status and wealth.

4. Thanks to their fast metabolisms, Sphynx cats need more food than the average feline.

5. Did you know that the strongest cat character in an anime series is Sphynx cat named Beerus?

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