Things That Annoy Me… #1

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Welcome to the first edition of “Things that annoy me”. Let’s just get started, shall we? There’s no need to stall this introductory paragraph!

Seeking Validation Online

I dislike it when people try to seek validation online. For example, I see lots of posts on social media that show a girl (or guy I guess) posing in a “cute” posture with a ton of makeup on. These posts are followed with captions that say stuff like “I’m ugly” or “Nobody likes me”. 

On KidzSearch (more specifically KidzTalk), I come across lots of posts with the title that goes along the lines of “does anyone like me?” and with those posts I normally don’t give them the validation they are chasing because it just encourages them to keep doing this! However, the poster normally doesn’t take the feedback well, which brings us to our next section.

People who can’t take feedback

You got to learn how to take feedback because it is an important life skill. I’ve certainly struggled with this in the past and I even struggle with it now! People need to learn that there is a difference between insulting someone and giving constructive criticism. When taking feedback, you need to figure out where the line is. Not everyone who has a different opinion than you is personally insulting you or your work, but some might be. However, people who give honest feedback actually care more about you than the “yes men” who force positivity. People who give honest feedback care enough to tell you that the thing you’ve done might not be going in the right direction. Feedback doesn’t have to be that deep either, of course, but both types are still more helpful than blindly saying yes to everything.  Anyways, if you dislike something… you’re also not a hater! This brings us to our final section.

Flexing Your Wealth.

“Flexing” refers to showing off your wealth and cool things to your fanbase. These “things” could be cars, clothes, or a PS5. I see this happen in a lot of YouTube videos and its gross. If you’re a social media influencer, the only reason you have that money is because of your fans. So as a fan, it’s a spit in the face to be flexed on. Social media influencers also bear the responsibility to teach their fans (Especially young audiences) not to be obnoxious with your wealth because they will act obnoxious as adults as a result of this taught behavior. I often see content creators refer to people who dislike flexing as “haters”, which just isn’t true as I explained earlier.

Okay… I hope you enjoyed the first edition of “Things That Annoy Me”. If you want more of these, please rate this so I know whether to keep doing it or focus on other content. I don’t want you to rate it 5-stars unless you actually liked it because I don’t appreciate forced (ingenuine) positivity. If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

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