Tips To Manage Your Anxiety (Part 2)

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Today I’m going to continue with part 2 of my Tips To Manage Your Anxiety series. Last time I brought up tips to help with your breathing and meditation, and today I’m going to focus on how achieving a healthy lifestyle and workout routine could be beneficial to your anxiety and overall well-being.

Get exercise

Exercise is important for managing your anxiety. Studies have shown that exercise can be soothing and help you sleep better. I personally enjoy going on jogs/runs and for me, the hardest part is just getting started. Sometimes I lack the self control to just get off the computer, get out of the house and go on a run. However, when I actually do it, I feel much more calm and refreshed afterwards. I try not to focus on my speed or run time because it stresses me out, but I do set goals for myself in that regard. If you have trouble going on a run, try working your way up to it. One week, you can walk. The next week, you can try slowly jogging a mile or two, and after a few months you should be able to jog a few miles and possibly curb your anxiety.

Get on a good sleep schedule

Getting on a good sleep schedule is definitely related to establishing an exercise routine, but I’ll talk about it anyway. Sleep is not only important for your health, but it is also important if you want to manage your anxiety. When I don’t get enough sleep I’ve noticed that I’m more prone to anxiety attacks. Getting good sleep is difficult for me and requires a lot of self control. Sometimes I want to stay up on my phone, so sometimes I put it in the living room so I won’t be tempted to use it. Even without my phone, it can be very hard to fall asleep. On those nights, I do deep breathing and refer to the strategies mentioned in part 1.

Get off the computer! (But read this first)

This is probably the most important thing you can do. Studies show that anxiety and depression rates are through the roof with teens in 2021. Social media is mostly to blame here because the internet can be a stressful place. Everybody’s constantly arguing and in complete utter chaos. Spending too much time on screens can also affect your sleep and exercise routine, which can be detrimental to your anxiety. I could go on about this all day, but you get the point.

So yeah, good luck with managing your anxiety. Let me know in the comments what I should cover next and be sure to rate this post if it was helpful to you.

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