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Hello everyone!! After a few posts with quizzes, I thought to post a different article about a great app which plays an important role of letting kids and teens create global connections.

We all here know about that marvelous little thing very well. KidzSearch, as its name implies, is a very child -friendly app.  It is an American visual child-safe search engine powered by Google’s Programmable Search Engine with search autocomplete that emphasizes school subjects.

Search results are customized for kids by pushing age-appropriate content higher up in their results. Content and keywords are filtered for safety.

Large thumbnails in the search results are used to create a more visual look that makes things look less text dense and easier for kids to navigate. It has an encyclopedia with over 200,000 articles powered by MediaWiki.

This site was launched on April 8th, 2005, even 4 years before I was born. I was amazed to hear that this site was already 17 years-old. I hope you all celebrated it’s birthday this year! We all have to be thankful to Mr. Dale Bock who founded it and to all the staff who always give their time to us kids and help us.

You may not know that KidzSearch is used in thousands of schools each day, and has as many as 14 million users a month. It was also reviewed by Common Sense Media who compared it to Google.

Their main focus is on older elementary and middle school students. They also partnered with Safe Search Kids to host their search results and wiki pages. Network security company Untangle integrated KidzSearch into their system when safe browsing is enabled

I also see this as a multitasking website since it has a search engine, social media, games, safe videos, and many more features that we can enjoy.

There are some other kid-friendly search engines, but I saw many differences between them and KS.

The others just had a search engine, but KS has many more features, like safe-social media. That was the feature which attracted me and made me stay here for a long time.

This is my personal experience with it. I log in here each morning, afternoon, and night. So you’ll be able to see how much I love it here.

I hope you also know that in 2015 the site went under an extensive redesign process with a mobile responsive layout.

KidzSearch chooses news articles fitting for kids like us that can be ‘up voted’ too. It’s music section has kid-friendly online radio stations. KidzSearch also offers a guide to the best kid-friendly websites.

Their Wiki lets me discover kid-friendly articles designed for my reading level. Boolify allows a user to learn how to utilize a search engine by using a graphical interface.

Here are some services that they provide us. You probably all know a lot of what I mentioned. Please tell other people how good KS is when this article gets published.

  • In KidzNet we can post articles and comment on them. All posts are checked before they are published. It is like an online newspaper for kids with social features.
  • In KidzTalk users ask questions or comment, and other kids answers it. All answers are reviewed by KS staff for safety and quality. KidzTalk is often utilized for homework, but has many fun posts too. As of now it has over 8,200 users, and a leaderboard appearing when a user has enough points. All content can be “upvoted” and we can select the “best reply” to a question. Personally, I do not have much experiences using KT. I have just used it a bit.
  • Next up is KidzTube which contains handpicked videos. Most are instructive and they are all reviewed for safety.
  • They have a ton of games with both educational and entertainment titles.

Finally, this article about a fantastic great app has reached the end.

Special credit to – Mr. Dale Bock and all the KS staff!

I wish that KS will have more chances to improve and to become the top website among them all. From the deepest place of my heart !!!

Thank you,


Please comment below. What are your favorite KidzSearch features?

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