New Feature Ideas for KidzSearch Update

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It’s been a while that KidzSearch hasn’t changed much. I totally agree that old is gold, but old ways don’t unlock new doors as well. We all know that for a successful program, it needs to be up-to-date and functional. I have many ideas how to make KidzSearch more fun, which I am going to present below.

KidzNet Direct Messages

KidzNet users really need a fresh, up-to-date and real-time chat system, like DMs. Pretty much every successful social media has this feature, if we are calling KidzNet one. Regardless that it is private, it would still be moderated.

Stricter Moderation On KidzTalk

Nobody really uses KidzTalk anymore, so it might have got out of KidzSearch mods. Users there are starting to post inappropriate content, such as personal stuff (like their crushes or boyfriends/girlfriends), girls’ periods, etc. KidzTalk is meant for asking for help, however, it is not a place for exposing personal stuff, such as those that I mentioned below.

New KidzSearch User Interface

I know that we are all used to the good old-fashioned user interface, but a new theme won’t be a bad idea for the new users.

KidzSearch Safety Pledge Update

Along with new users, there will be more new different dangerous situations in the site. Adding new rules would be ideal, preventing the users from getting in trouble and being safer in the internet.

Warning and Banning System

It might not be usual, but it’s necessary. We don’t need naughty kids messing with our precious KidzSearch.

Custom Educational Games

KidzSearch won’t need to borrow games from other sites. It can just create them. Sometimes borrowed games can result in dangerous and malicious things.

I hope @kidzsearch will consider my opinion and do something about it.

Leave your opinion about this, as well as an positive comments down below.

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