The Mystery Moth

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Have you ever considered moths to be cute? If not, the Venezuelan poodle moth, can completely change your mind.

The Venezuelan poodle moth is a new species of moth that is still a mystery. Dr. Arthur Anker, a naturalist from Bishkek, Kyrgystan, discovered it in 2009. Dr. Arthur Anker took a snapshot of the Venezuelan poodle moth after it was identified or sighted. Many people wondered if the new species of Venezuelan poodle moth was real. While there are some doubters, many scientists believe it is real and belongs to the Artace genus.

Photo of Venezuelan Poodle Moth

The species was discovered by zoologist Arthur Anker while traveling the Canaima National Park in Venezuela’s Gran Sabana. However, when subsequent researchers visited the same location, they were unable to locate the species, and it has therefore remained unstudied. The images were accepted as genuine because Arthur was a real biologist. If you’re interested in learning more about the Venezuelan poodle moth, keep reading.

How many are in the world?

Researchers cannot put a number on the number of poodle moths that exist in the world because only a few poodle moth images have been obtained and it is questionable whether the Venezuela poodle moth is a legitimate species.

Where does it live?

There are only a few images of the poodle moth. Because the most generally circulated one is from the South American country of Venezuela, it’s safe to assume that the species resides in Venezuela’s La Gran Sabana region. As a result, it’s known as the Venezuelan poodle moth.

How long do they live?

On the poodle moth, no specific research has been done. When comparing the lifespan of a poodle moth to that of a normal moth, the poodle moth appears to have a short lifespan of 8-11 weeks.

Quick Fun Fact!

Did you know the Pokémon Cutiefly is based on this creature?

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