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Hello Everyone. As some of KidzTalk know me, I am Carly. And for those who don’t, here is some information about me –

Hey everyone, My (nick) name is Carly, and I’ve been a KidzTalk user since August 2023. I am Venezuelan-Spanish-American, and I am 13 years old with autism, and here are some things about me.

I am an Artist, Writer, and YouTuber (I have over 2k subs, but because of KT’s rules, I can’t say my channel).

I’m also a Genealogist (a person who studies their ancestry), a Polyglot (speak many languages), and a Swimmer. I am a jack of all trades :p

Here, I will post some amazing series, like Sisters Of The North, which is my book, and new episodes that come out on Saturdays at 5 p.m. (Central US time), and Carly’s Weird World, where I share weird stories about my life.

I will also post This Art is on Fire, where I share my art from every week, and Nordic Talk, in which I talk about Nordic countries.  All are found in my Blog Viking Diaries (On KidzTalk)

I love Art, Nordic countries, Pokemon, History, Video Games,  Genealogy, YouTube, Music, and Vikings. I am currently obsessed with The Emigrants Novels by Vilheim Moberg and The Norwegian reality show The Great Norwegian Adventure.  

Some things I dislike: Swearing, Trendy Music, TikTok, math, trends, anything inappropriate, bullying, and not being unique. In other words, I am a very boring person to be with unless you like the things I like. (I’ve been called a boomer just because of my interests.)

About my music taste, I really love Nordic folk music and Scandinavian Pop music. My favorite music artists are Harald Foss, Mari Boine, Triakel, Garmarna, KEiiNO, Alan Walker,  Helene Bøksle, and Jon Henrik Fjällgren

About the language thing, I speak Spanish as my 1st language, English as my 2nd, and Norwegian as my 3rd. I am self-teaching myself Swedish and Northern Sami, learning Chinese at school, and taking a course on Old Norse. 

Lol, that’s probably all for now.

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