Everything You Need to Know About VikingGirl26 in One Small Article

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Hello, Lovely Vikings. I ran out of ideas for articles, so I decided to make a post to introduce myself better, so yeah.


Hej (that’s Hey in Swedish!) My name is Carly. I am an Autistic teen girl who has been on Kidztalk since August 2023 and Kidznet since October 2023.

I am gonna teach you some stuff about me, some basic q and questions about my profile.

Get to know me.

My favorite thing in THE ENTIRE 9 WORLDS (Norse Mythology reference) is Nordic countries. I have been into them since I was 12 and am almost 14 years old.

My favorite Nordic country is Norway, and My Favorite period of Nordic history is the 19th century.

Norway flag standing on cliff

Besides Nordic countries, I love Art (the drawing was done by me), Genealogy (the study of your ancestors and family history), History, Pokemon, Watching YouTube videos, and Chaos.

Specifically, my favorite book series is The Emigrants by Vilhelm Moberg (this isn’t obvious, at this point, I should make an article on why I love this book series) and Moomin by Tove Jansson (I already made a Moomin Article) and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

My favorite movie is Frozen (cuz Norway :p), and my favorite music genre is Nordic folk.

My favorite music artists are Garmarna, Ulrika Bodén, Ranarim, Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Mari Boine, Helene Bøksle, and Odd Norstoga.

Ulrika Bodén
Jon Henrik Fjällgren
Mari Boine
Helene Bøksle
Odd Norstoga

When it comes to dislikes, I dislike (American) Pop Music and people who are rude to disabled and neurodivergent people.

I also dislike gender stereotyping, swearing, and Math class. And Dork Diaries. I hate dork diaries so much.

More random things + what I post on Kidznet

  • I used to have a YouTube channel, but it was later deleted in November 2023 due to mental health.
  • I am a Special Needs (SPED) student.
  • I speak Spanish, English, and Norwegian, and I am learning Northern Sámi, Icelandic, and Chinese.
  • On Kidznet, I post twice or 3 times a week articles on Nordic culture and history. I use Wikiwand, Britannica, and government sites for my research, and I write everything on Google Docs.


Q: Are You of Nordic ancestry :

A: No, I am not, I am actually of Venezuelan and Spanish ancestry, and Spanish is my native language.  I moved to the USA in 2018.

Q: Do you post anything that isn’t Nordic on Kidznet

A: Not really. Out of my 20+ articles, only 2 aren’t related to Nordic countries

Q: Do you post stories

A: Even though I do write Non-Fiction articles, I am sometimes gonna write short stories. Some of them include Stina and Issák’s gift

So… That’s all you need to know about me. Rate this post if you like it.

Ha Det, Hyvästi, Färval, Báze Dearvan, everyone (goodbye in Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, and Northern Sámi)

– Carly/VikingGirl

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