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So uhh. I’m very bored, so I decided to write about Scandinavian history. Idk what to write, so here is something I wrote while I was watching Season 1, Episode 3 of The Great Norway Adventure and eating Lefse, so yeah.

It all started in 790 AD (or CE, if you’re not Christian). When the Viking Empire was founded by the Norwegians, The Swedes, and The Danes. They raided and explored many parts of Europe, Like England, Spain, and Ireland.

They went as far as discovering parts of North Africa (Morocco) and North America. In the year 1000, Leif Erikson stepped foot in Newfoundland (which he called Vinland) as the 1st European in the Americas.

Leif Erikson

A few years after Leif discovered America, The Vikings stopped their raiding and exploring and became Christians. Then, in the 1300s, Denmark had a great Idea.

The Kalmar Union (Nordic Union) was created by Denmark to unite ALL of Scandinavia (Even Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands). The union was held for a few hundred years… Until a war with the King proceeded to start a war in Stockholm, and the Kalmar union died in 1597.

Kalmar Union

Meanwhile, life was decent for the other Nordic countries. Denmark controlled Norway, Sweden started forming a colonial empire controlling parts of The Caribbean (later sold to Denmark), Germany, the USA, and even Venezuela.

Finland was starting to recognize the existence of The Sámi (Indigenous Scandinavians) and Iceland…. Well, Iceland was just existing.

After everyone had been doing their own thing for 200 years, Norway wanted to be independent from Denmark, so Norway got a minor independence from Denmark…

But Because Denmark is EVIL (No, it isn’t, the real reason is that Denmark wanted to take over Jämtland, A province of Sweden), Norway formed a Union with Sweden.

Because of this, lots of chaos happened. There was poverty, famine, overpopulation, religious conflict… If it is bad, then it’s probably on this list.

Due to this, a lot of Scandinavians moved and started settlements in the USA, mostly in the Midwest (I might make a history of the Scandinavian-Americans as an October 9th Special).

After a while, a war happened because Norwegians wanted freedom, so they got their freedom in 1905.

Then came the world wars. Finland (almost) got taken by the Soviet Union, but because Finland is strong and powerful and magical. Finland became skilled, and the USSR didn’t take them. However, Norway and Denmark… They weren’t lucky.

Today, There are 5 countries and 6 Territories in Scandinavia, all with a combined population of 25 Million (Not counting Scandinavian Americans), and they are all ranked as some of the happiest, safest, and most peaceful countries in the world. But all of this came a loooong way.

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