Cringe Viking-Age Enthusiasts (A Rant)

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Before I start, this isn’t talking about ALL Viking age enthusiasts. I used to be one and both of my friends are Viking-age enthusiasts. I am gonna talk about the cringe ones here.

The Viking age is one of the most important AND the most popular Scandinavian history era. I mean, they’re cool and a lot of pop culture uses Vikings (in inaccurate ways, however) so there’s no doubt there are a lot of Viking-age enthusiasts

However, there is a bad side to this. I used to be a Viking-age kid. I am currently a Scandinavian Emigration Era (thanks Vilhelm Moberg) and a Vasa-age kid, so my POV is kinda varied.

1st of all, the overall personality. These guys will take a DNA test, wait for the result and if they see even 0.0000000001 Scandinavian, they automatically think they have Viking ancestry.

Not all people of Scandinavian or Scandinavian-American ancestry have direct Viking ancestry.

Finnish people aren’t related to the Vikings, Sámi people also don’t even think there may be a possibility since Vikings and Sámi people did get married. My Danish-American friend has Viking ancestry herself, and she has actual proof.

2nd. Misinformation, especially surrounding Nordic history AFTER the Viking Age. I found a whole YouTube account on the Viking Age where it was misinformation, and people took it for granted.

They seriously called a Swedish Folk song written in the 18th century a Viking song.

They also say a lot of misinformation, probably because they learned about Vikings from that one History Channel Show (I always get told to watch it, but I’m only 14 plus it’s inaccurate and I am not as huge on the Viking age as I was before).

And last but not least, the fact that this is so normalized, that people end up assuming this is all Nordic history enthusiasts, especially Viking age enthusiasts.

I have met Good Viking Age enthusiasts and bad Viking Age enthusiasts, But because of the latter, there are more assumptions about these guys.

One time, I told someone I liked Nordic history and replied with “Oh no don’t raid my village.” Like Bro what?

Plus, Non-Viking age enthusiasts are nonexistent to these guys. I remember when a kid at a Nordic (It was generally European, but they focused on Nordic countries a lot) festival really asked me if the Scandinavian Emigration Era was even real.

Sorry for my rant.  I want to hear your opinion on this.

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