Shell Game Series

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Hello guys. Today we are going to talk about an io game.

It’s called Shell Shockers.

Shell Shockers is a game where you play with eggs and shoot other eggs for survival.

It’s a 3d game.

It’s not violent.

By the way, when I kill a egg there it says “Dash201 Poached esie.” They are not using bad words.

You can get funny customizations by getting at least 100🥚’s

Eggs are the currency.

Streamers sometimes stream.

You can get free items by just clicking on things like the discord icon, steam, facebook, youtube, twitch, and all of those. You do not have to make an account, just click them.


  • Captula the Spatula – Like capture the flag, but you need to capture the gold spatula.
  • Teams – Players are divided into two teams, red or blue.
  • Free for all – Every player for themselves.
  • King of the coop (new) 🤣 – A space in the game’s map acts as a “coop” and players on a team have to capture it. 

You can create an account.

They have a newsletter for free items. It’s called the New Yolker times, like the New York times.

It’s fun to play and can be played for free using a browser.


Do you play Shell Shockers? Please comment below.

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