The Top 5 Best Roblox Games To Play!

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What is ROBLOX?

Being a kid during 2015 now means that you have met Roblox. If you did not, Roblox is an online gaming platform with hundreds of games that you can access by making an account on it. Don’t worry, it is easy to get an account. You only need to pick a username / password, and enter your birth date. The game also has a currency called Robux, that is bought using real money (in this case, you need to ask your parents for permission to buy it). Using Robux, you can buy clothes for your avatar, special game passes, and more, but they are not really necessary.

Best Games (according to a 2+ year player)

I have played Roblox since 2019, first at my school’s computer lab, and then made a real account in early 2020. I still play Roblox nowadays. I have encountered dozens of game variations. Some made me crazy about them, and others have not caught my attention. I am here to tell you the best of the best — at least for me.

#1- Royale High – by @callmehbob

Being a tween girl brings many things, including the search for style. Back in the day, while I was struggling to find out if I liked cute little pink clothes or black dark ”emo” outfits, I found a game who helped me through it. Royale High is a perfect game for girls, and boys too, who want to express themselves through fashion. In this game, you can compete as a pageant in Sunset Island, go to a fairy school with Enchantix High, take a walk seeing a beautiful view in Divinia Park, chill in your apartment, or go study at Royale High. In the game, you can farm for diamonds to buy the most beautiful clothing sets. If I was you, I would definitely give it a chance.

#2- Tower of Hell – by YXCeptional Studios

Tower of Hell (or just ToH) is a game where go through multiple challenges until you complete the tower. It may be hard in the beginning, but if you are like me, the joy of finally completing the tower will be worth it (even though you will need a hot towel to heal your thumbs after that).

#3- Winds of Fortune – by Winds of Fortune

I’ve recently discovered this game and it already became one of my favorites. In the game Winds of fortune, you play as a pirate while you go through multiple places to find and sell treasures, fight with the undead, and command a ship. With the money that you earn with quests, you can do many things, such as buying outfits, upgrading your weapons or even learn magic! It is different from the other games, since it has a more humanoid looking body types, making the game realistic (sort of).

#4- Real Life Apartment – by @FEARLESS_AM0S

This is for people who like more calm and peaceful games. This game shows us a small four-room apartment, in a soviet-style panel residential building, according to the game description. While playing, you can feed a cat, make food, sleep, or just have fun in the party room. It is a great game to play when you want to relax.

#5- Maple Hospital – by Marizma Games

Maple Hospital is a game where you roleplay as a doctor, nurse, surgeon, or just a patient in Maple Hospital. The game was made with the help of a licensed nurse, so it is a realistic representation of a hospital. You can also increase your hospital ranks with specializations. For example, my highest role is Trauma surgeon, but there are many more levels. You can join other realistic roleplay games using the ”servers” button, which is also useful if the server is giving you problems.

Well, we stop here, but there are many more cool games if you want to play them. I tried to pick up those who are for all ages. Enjoy these games and find some of your own!

Please comment below with your favorite Roblox games and experiences playing it.

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