Shelled Mondays- Canada

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Hello users of KidzNet! This is Fred, (shown above) and, if you don’t know Fred, he LOVES quizzes. This quiz, as you know, is about Canada, and yes, Fishyboi, you will probably get all of these right.

What is the city of Calgary known for?

A: the Calgary Stampede

B: Calgary Bay

C: the Calgary Tower

Answer: A;  The Calgary Stampede is a ten-day rodeo that attracts cowboys from across North America.

Where did the Klondike Gold Rush happen?

A: Nunavut

B: Ontario

C: Yukon

Answer: C: The Klondike Gold Rush was rooted in the Yukon River, which was rich in many minerals.

How deep was the deepest snowfall in Canada?

A: 130 inches

B: 240 inches

C: 220 inches

Answer: C: the deepest snow is about 240 inches in the Rocky Mountains.
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