Meet Blaze: The 11-Year-Old Labelled “Fastest Kid In The World”

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Have you ever wondered how fast humans can run?

Believe it or not, humans can be pretty fast. 

In history, Usain Bolt set a world record with an astonishing run of 9.58 seconds in 100 meters. Data also shows that he reached a top speed of  10.44 meters per second, which is 27½ miles per hour

Usain Bolt

Imagine how fast he is!

But have you ever heard of the fastest kid in the world? Some may even say he’s the next one to take the reign of Usain Bolt.

Meet Rudolph Ingram, who also goes by the name Blaze. He’s an 11-year-old American sprinter/athlete from Florida, United States. 

He had set an all-time record sprint in his age group, only taking 13.48 seconds to complete 100m. He broke that record when he was only 7. 

Now that’s quite fast! He’s also just four seconds behind Usain Bolt’s world record.

His father, Rudolph Ingram, Sr., is a personal trainer and sports coach. According to him, Blaze has been training and running since he was four. His strict training regime has helped him gain six-pack abs at such a young age.

Moreover, Rudolph is a two-time Amateur Athletic Union champion, winning over 36 medals, including 20 golds. He came second in the 200 meters competition and won the 100-meter race at the Amateur Athletic Union championships.

But aside from being a great sprinter, Rudolph also has a football talent. He played for the Tampa Ravens football organization when he was six. He also did well in school, getting A grades in Physical Education, Science, Music, and Introduction to Computers.

The Florida A&M Rattlers football (FAMU) recently offered Rudolph an athletic scholarship. Devin Rispress, the Rattler’s director of recruiting, telephoned him to offer him to play officially at FAMU following his 2029 high school graduation.

Blaze was also extended an offer to attend the Orange and Green Spring Game, a well-known spring football game, on Saturday, April 15, at Bragg Memorial Stadium.

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