American Football Chaos- The Ice Bowl

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On New Year’s Eve- December 31, 1967, the Green Bay Packers were on the field against the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin. At the stadium, the temperature was -15F degrees but it felt like -48F.

  • The game was due to preform a marching band before the game, but the instruments froze before hand and would not play. The mouthpieces stuck to the player’s mouths and seven people from the band got hypothermia and were sent to the hospital.
  • An elderly fan died from the cold.
  • Before the game, some Packer players could not start their frozen cars and had to find another way to get to the game. Linebacker Dave Robinson had to hitchhike a motorist.
  • Referees could not use whistles. Norm Schachter blew his whistle and it froze to his lips. He freed it but in the making, tore off some of the skin. It started bleeding, but instead of forming a scab, the blood just froze to his lips.
  • CBS spectator Frank Gifford said, “I’m going to take a bite of my coffee,” for it had frozen in the mug.
  • A Packers linebacker developed frostbite in his feet.
  • The Packers won 21 to 17
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