The Cretaceous Period: All You Need to Know

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The Cretaceous Period was a high-sea-level period when dinosaurs walked the Earth. It lasted for 80 million years, and was around about 145 to 65 million years ago! It was the ninth period of the Phanerozoic eon, and it was the third and last period of the Mesozoic era. The climate was as warm as the inside of a Greenhouse. (Whew! That’s hot!).

The plants that lived in that time were cycads, ginkgoes, conifers, and ferns. The first flowering plants also lived in this time. A great dinosaur called the Mosasaur, or scientifically called Mosasaurus hoffmanii, was a gigantic marine reptile that breathed air. The Cretaceous Period had quite a high sea level, so it was helpful that the Mosasaur was marine, and swam very well.

The T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus) and the Giganotosaurus (Giganotosaurus carolinii) were also dinosaurs that lived in this period! There was also the Spinosaurus, the Triceratops, the Brontosaurus….we could go on and on. Unfortunately, this is when the meteor hit the earth, and destroyed all of the precious dinos. Also known as the K-T extinction event, nearly 80% of all animals were destroyed at the time. Fortunately, slowly but surely, the animals came back. They didn’t all go extinct. But we can’t say the same for the dinosaurs. This is the Cretaceous Period. The last period of the dinosaurs.

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