King of Valhalla- INTRO

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“Oh mY gOsH, DuDE a ThIRd sErIEs?!”


”But tHaTS tOo mANy-“

”epepep. Shush.”

OKAY! This is based off of stories my friends made up while playing the Fortnite creative game VALHALLA (go play it it’s very good). This story is completely fictional and any relation to actual events is purely coincidental.

Anyways, the realms are:

Midgard, a realm FULLY ruled by the king. Known as the Human realm and is popular for its relative ease to settle there. Fiend level: 2/10.

Jotunheim, a realm also fully ruled by the king as it is his home. Known as the ice realm and is popular for its massive fiends and citizens. Fiend level: 7/10.

Vanaheim, a realm ruled by both the king and the prince, as it is the prince’s home. Known as the realm of beauty due to its popular “Vanaheim Cliff” where you can see all of the beauty of the realm in one place. Fiend level: 4/10.

Muspelheim, a realm ruled by both the king and his squire because it is the Squire’s home realm. Known as the realm of Fire due to its off-the-charts temperatures, up to 15 degrees hotter than death valley at its highest temperature. Popular for its military is the most massive of the 5 official realms. Fiend level: 10/10.

Helheim, a realm ruled by no one. It is complete anarchy and is the final realm that has been discovered so far. Its citizens and military murder anyone who comes through, due to their overwhelming strength.

It is home to the world serpent, the toughest beast in the land who has only been defeated by the squire, king, and prince. Other than that, every other king before that tried to kill the world serpent died in combat against it.

Known as the realm of the dead as all of its citizens and military are official zombies (a zombie is defined as a human that has died and comes back to life as an undead.

Fiends are similar to zombies but are not dead, but rather infected humans who have been taken over by the Helheim Brain Virus.) Popular for its sadistic and horrible environment. Fiend- no zombie level: 8/10

x an unofficial realm. A place that only 9 people have visited. Ever. Used as a secret blacksmith, a weapons shop, a place to find peace, and an exchange site by the squire, king, and prince.

OKAY, characters:

The king of Valhalla: Boreas, the Royal Conqueror. His home is Jotunheim and is used to cold weather, however, he is also tolerant of all weather. Wields a diamond hammer enhanced by the best blacksmith in Muspelheim and the Royal Blacksmith. Also Wields a flaming sword that was once owned by Surtr, the Fire King (both weapons are enhanced by 5 times). (Is king of Jotunheim and Midgard)

The squire: Apollo, the King of Muspelheim. Is Loyal and will kill anyone willing to hurt the king. Wields a flaming sword from his home in Muspelheim. Also has a golden hammer once owned by the Ice Giant in Jotunheim.

The royal prince: Hodur, the King of Vanaheim. Same policy as the squire when it comes to the king. Wields the sword of the earth (a sword that can control stuff like earthquakes) from his home, Vanaheim. Also wields the hammer of Odin, the second most powerful hammer next to Boreas’ hammer.

Setting: ~1000’s. Unknown, really.

Place: mythical kingdom known as Valhalla.

Okay, intro over. Hope you like the series.

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