Family is Forever – Episode 7

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Imma just cut to the story on this one.

Kevin decided to do the prime Mike Tyson workout for the first part of his day.

Just the first part. It was 4 AM. Kevin woke up. He went for a 10-mile run. He then got back, took a shower, and went back to bed.


Kevin woke up at 10, and Jack approached him.

“Hey, Dad. Can I ride your motorcycle?” Jack asked. “No,” Kevin said.

“Oh. man.” Jack said.

“You didn’t let me finish. Not without these.” Kevin pulled out some aviators and a leather jacket. “Also, don’t forget to wear a helmet.” Kevin finished.

“Coolest dad ever,” Jack replied happily and went out on his motorcycle.


Kevin began: HARD TRAINING DAY, a day where over half of the day was devoted to training. Training. And more training.

He called Jayden. He then trained for half of the day.

Meanwhile, Jack was cruising around with his motorcycle. He went to the tech store. He had 600 dollars on him.

He was thinking of buying a ps5 for Hailey and some accessories for it. Jack arrived at the store, walked in, bought the ps5 and accessories, and walked out like a boss.

Jack then drove home and got the truck after asking for permission. He texted Hailey and went to the house.

“Yo Hailey, check the back. There’s something there for you. It’s not much, but you may like it.” Jack said.

“Okay,” Hailey replied. She saw the ps5. “You’re the best,” Hailey said happily.

“I know,” Jack replied. They both chuckled. “Let’s go set it up,” Hailey said. “Agreed,” Jack replied.

They walked into the house and set up the ps5. “Let’s take a picture. I’ll never forget this day when someone blew over 500 bucks for me.” Hailey said.

They took the picture, and it looked great. They played some Minecraft and then Hailey said something.

“You know, I have two exes. And they never matched up to your level.” “How long did you date them?” Jack asked.

“A month each. You’re my first in four months, so don’t worry.” Hailey said. “You got a pure heart, so I won’t worry,” Jack said with a grin.

“Isn’t Imari and her boyfriend coming?” Jack said. “Yeah. And his name is Taylor, by the way.” Hailey replied.

They heard a knock on the door. It was Imari and Taylor. “Yo, what’s up, Imari?” Jack said. “It’s good. Anyways, Taylor, this is Jack, Jack, this is Taylor.” Imari replied.

Taylor and Jack instantly became friends. They all played Monopoly, and of course, Jack destroyed everyone because he was amazing at tricking people into trades that aren’t good. He wasn’t evil, he was just playing the game.

Taylor was only a couple of months older than Imari, just like how Jack was only a month older than Hailey.

“How did you meet Imari?” Jack said. “I met her at Paulie’s Pizzeria while I was getting my food. How about you and Hailey?” Taylor said.

“I met her at a dollar general when we reached for the same water bottle,” Jack replied. “Yeah, I don’t regret reaching for the same bottle,” Jack added. Hailey smiled.

“Alright, I gotta get back home. My dad is training like crazy today. If you wanna come home, then you can, but we gotta have an adult with us. How about your dad, Hailey?” Jack said.

“I’ll ask,” Hailey replied. Her dad said yes. They then went to the private gym.

“Hey, you must be Hailey’s dad. I’m Kevin.” Kevin said. “I’m Mark. Nice to meet you. You have a well-mannered young man.” Mark said.

“Thank you, and so is your daughter,” Kevin replied.

“You want a drink?” Kevin said. “Yeah, I’ll take some water,” Mark said.

“You look like you work out quite often. Did you play sports?” Kevin said.

“I was a wide receiver for the Jaguars from 2005-2019,” Mark replied.

“How many receiving yards?” Kevin asked. “8,765,” Mark replied.

“You mind if I work the bag?” Mark said. “No. Not at all. There are some gloves right there.” Kevin replied.

They both worked the bag. “You like boxing, Taylor?” Jack said.

“Yeah. I always liked Foreman. Good guy, good boxer, good Christian. One of the greatest. Knocked out, Ken Norton and Joe Frazier. Knocked out a guy 19 years younger than him for the heavyweight title.” Taylor replied.

“Same. Never fought Tyson or Lewis. Fought Evander Holyfield and Holyfield said it was the hardest someone ever punched him, but Foreman still lost. He also fought Tommy Morrison. Lost both of those fights. Doesnt mean he was bad. Had a bunch of power. Arguably the GOAT of boxing.” Jack replied.

“You wanna spar?” Taylor said. “That’s a death wish,” Jack said with a chuckle.

They then sparred. Taylor lasted a while against Jack, throwing some good punches. They ended the session without a clear winner. Everyone went home that day to find a new friend.

The end.

Anyways imma play some Escapist 2 or Fortnite on my Switch.

God loves you. See ya later. Byeeeeee.

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