Happy Birthday: @EloquentRacer92!

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Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, You are my best friend,

Happy Birthday, EloquentRacer92. I just found out that it’s your birthday, and I have been here for almost 3 weeks, so that means you are one of my first friends ever on Kidzsearch.

I love you and hope you have a great birthday. I wouldn’t forget. I can’t help but wonder… Are you going to a party today, maybe tomorrow… What gifts have you got for your birthday? Please comment and send me a picture of what you got for your birthday!

If you ever feel lost, Please don’t quit Kidzsearch. We love you! Some people quit Kidzsearch for random reasons, but don’t do that! Because you are kind to every person you meet online, and we can’t get enough of you, EloquentRacer92, that’s the truth!

Whenever I see you have commented something, I just have to comment back, and check every hour when you answer it. That’s how much I love you and care for you! Always!

You are my online BFF! We are the ‘Bestie for the Restie!’ My best friend and I call each other that now. I love you, and Happy Birthday!!! How old are you turning? I’m turning 12 in September.

Have a Happy Birthday, and Remember you’re gonna get a lot of happy birthday comments all the time in your online world. So spend some time in your house but don’t leave us waiting!

Spend time in your online world just like being outside with a million people saying ‘Happy Birthday’ in your backyard.


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