KidzNet Stickers Are CURSED… KidzWeek #3

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Welcome back to another edition of Kidzweek. Today, we’re gonna go over the KidzSearch stickers (also known as smileys), a cursed set of emojis that were added to the new KidzNet update back in September. 


If you didn’t know already, KidzNet users have the option to use stickers as an alternative to emojis in the comments section. Although they were originally intended to be a fun new addition to the platform, they have not been received well by users. For example, Ammyk described them as the embodiment of caffeine and insanity. Autumn described them as people who haven’t slept in weeks, and Pumpkin recently admitted to KidzSearch that the stickers wanted to kill him in his sleep. 

Although most people have been using the stickers to creep others out (or scare them), some are using them unironically. I’ve observed that stickers are being used more than emojis in the comments, but that could just be because I specifically look for them when scrolling through the community wall. Although they are useless and cursed, I personally hope that kidzSearch keeps these around. I enjoy leveraging them as a weapon to scare people away from me. I use the bandage smiley the most (because it looks like it’s being held hostage at gunpoint), but I also enjoy using the lightbulb, devil, green, and sunglasses stickers due to their glassy soulless eyes and unnatural smiles. Every time I click on one I feel like I’m in a fever dream, and I absolutely love it. 

I hope you enjoyed this “special edition” of KidzWeek. Don’t forget to rate this post 5 stars or else I’ll send the stickers after you in your sleep. I’m not joking!

Next time I’ll be back with some actual news lol


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