I Got Exposed… (Response To AmmyK)

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DISCLAIMER: This post is a joke and a response to Pumpkin and the Cookie Scandal of ’21

If you haven’t heard already, on January 18th, 2022 AmmyK wrote an article where she exposed me for using people’s love for cookies in order to gain more likes on my comment.

Ever since this exposé dropped, I’ve been laying low. Today that’s going to change, because I have finally gathered enough courage to speak out about the situation and reveal that I might not be the mastermind behind the comment.

It all started on October 22nd, 2021 when Romii330 dropped an article where he challenged the community to create the most-liked comment on the new KidzNet platform. I wrote a comment that said “Like this comment for a cookie”, which was directly inspired from MrBeast’s channel banner which reads “Subscribe for a cookie”. The comment blew up and has remained the most-liked even until this day. 

By the time of January 18th, 2022, months had since passed when AmmyK wrote a hit piece titled “Pumpkin and the Cookie Scandal of ‘21”. Although masterfully executed and entertaining, she only scratched the surface of the situation, which I’ll be explaining later. As I already stated, she alleged that my motives for the comment were not pure and questioned why nobody has received their cookies yet.

My response to AmmyK is simple. She’s targeting the wrong person.

Subscribe for a cookie and to respect MrBeast - YouTube

Above: The banner of popular youtuber MrBeast

Why is everyone so concerned that I haven’t delivered two dozen cookies to hopeful KidzNet users when MrBeast hasn’t given cookies to his 89 MILLION subscribers?

My comment was simply the result of being brainwashed by MrBeast, who personally talked to me about expanding his audience to the KidzNet platform. We came to the conclusion that I could spread cookie propaganda, which might help the growth of his channel. MrBeast himself was the mastermind behind the entire operation.

After the investigative post dropped, I took the fall while MrBeast’s reputation was kept clean. He refused to take accountability and blamed it all on cookies for existing. 

I hope this post brings the truth to light and answers any questions that the community may have about the Cookie Scandal of ’21. If you enjoyed this post, leave a rating and drop a comment below, and I will see you next time.

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