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Um …I’m very sorry lol…

If you don’t know, in my one of my other posts I would  check up every now and then, but um uhhh, I haven’t talked to yall in 2 months, maybe more. I  am very sorry. The main reason is because of gorilla tag and Minecraft. I’ve been too distracted with my personal life and  gaming life, but I’m back now! I keep trying to keep up with y’all as much as possible, but y’all keep growing up, and its like I’m a long lost parent lol… 

But, hi, my name is Jordan. For the most part, people don’t know I am from the old KidzNet people that they don’t check anymore RIP. I am back and I’m better.  My mental state has rested. I am feeling great and strong. I play lots of MC. Uou can mainly see me on pvplegacy.

Also, I have a question for @kidznet…. Can I PLEASE make a server for everyone on kidznet that plays MC? That’s it.

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