An Idea About Live Chat from Jace (with Rules ‘n Suggestions)

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I sent a message about the live chat idea previously. As it was too long, I thought of converting it to a post!

If you read the message, this is basically the same one. Just tell your ideas about it here.

👍 I see KidzSearch as a very good app for kids – cuz this has a search engine, KidzTube, encyclopedia, child-safe and educational games, and many more features. KidzNet and KidzTalk are also notable features.

It is true that there are a few unwanted posts in KidzTalk, but they are lesser in KidzNet because of good management of the KidzSearch Team. But in both, the messages sent by users are published after some time of reviewing. I don’t say that reviewing is not wanted, but it takes some time for others to see one’s message. No matter, to continue reviewing is a must (to remove unwanted messages). but if there was a live chat there will be some advantages for users:

  • Users can share their ideas with other KN friends right after one sends a message.
  • This widens the connections and friendship of friends.
  • They‘ll get answers for their questions right away.
  • Kids will tend to use KS more to solve their education problems. Also, they can get answers right away.
  • KidzSearch will get more popular among kids and will be a top child-safe multi purpose app.

However, while live chat has advantages, there’ll also be problems:

  • Users will start to send unwanted messages like in KT ( about their personal stuff, like bfs , gfs, crushes, etc.).

But to overcome this problem KS can add more rules for live chat in addition to the safety pledge rules;

  1. example – Any personal info ( like location, gender, BF ,GF ,Crushes) cannot be sent to anyone.
  2. If someone has sent personal stuff like the above mentioned, KidzSearch will advise the user in general to not send stuff like that again.
  3. If the same user sends messages repeatedly like that, KS will block the user from entering the live chat groups and general group.
  4. A user cannot ask other one about there gender or other personal stuff.
  5. Anyone can’t tell another to send those stuff for the live chat. If some do this, first KS will advise them, and if the user repeats the same, KS will block the user.

These are some rules suggested by me, but I think KS may have better strict rules than this.

What features would we prefer?

  • If there is the ability to make live chat groups like in here, it would be great.
  • A general group, and groups made by users –  they ‘d have the ability make groups by themselves like in top social medias.
  • Only added people and KS can enter the groups.
  • When a group is first made, the invite link should be sent to the general live chat group. Then the wanted ones join the relevant group.
  • If there are personal chats it would be great. Logged in users and guests should have the same ability.
  • When a user wants to chat with a friend, he or she can add the wanted friend to his/her personal chat in live chat. Only the relevant person should have the ability to enter that chat.

    The most important thing – Protecting the user privacy is their job. In personal chat, no one should send any personal info to their partner, and he/she should not tell the other to send those to him/her. It should be prohibited to do that.

    Now I’ll end the post, as this is too long.

    Send your ideas about this feature and like the message and this post if you agree with it.

    Specially, KidzSearch tell your ideas about this. Other people can also comment below.

    Thank You.
    Have a good time wherever you live!!
    See you soon,
    Your friend JACE
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