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How Did the Universe Come to Exist? (My Theory)

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It all started with a speck in the middle of nowhere in a dark, empty space. But who knew that that speck held and would soon be the large universe we all know today?

But how exactly did that speck come to be? How did it explode? Did it even actually explode? Why was there a dark space? And how did that come to be?

The Universe

The Universe is a never-ending place filled with galaxies, which are filled with solar systems, which are filled with planets, right? Wrong.

The Universe seems to be infinite, but surrounding it is still space. Still, the universe is enormous compared to our home planet, Earth, which you think is big, but it is nothing compared to the universe surrounding us.

The Big Bang Theory

We all know our universe, but how did it come to be? It’s not like it came out of nowhere, right? Yes, in a way. And it’s all because of the Big Bang.

The Big Bang Theory was developed by someone named Georges Lemaitre. 13.8 billion years ago, instead of the universe, it was just a dark, cold, and empty space. There was absolutely nothing there except for one thing.

A tiny, hot speck was there floating nowhere. And that speck would soon become the universe. The speck would grow bigger, bigger, and bigger. Suddenly, that speck would explode, making the Big Bang. 

Taking Shape

As the speck exploded, something called “quarks” was flying everywhere. Soon, those quarks would combine and later form protons and neutrons, but they couldn’t form electrons because it was still too hot.

Then, those two would form together into hydrogen.  And if two protons and two neutrons combined, they would form helium. 380,000 years later, the universe would cool down, and electrons would now form. But the universe was just gas.

Then, gravity would pull it together, forming a star. Some stars grew too big and exploded, creating a supernova made out of stardust.


Soon, that stardust would come together and form rocks that would be the planets and asteroids we know today.

And with all that, the universe started to form and shape into the universe we all know today.

My Theory/Conclusion

We know how the universe formed and the Big Bang Theory, but is it true? I don’t know about that one, but I developed a theory about the universe.

First of all, why is there a space in the first place? And how did that speck come to be?

Black holes are objects in the universe, and they would emit subatomic particles until they explode. Remember when I said “space”?

an artist's impression of a black hole in the sky

The black hole (might be) empty, and it is dark. And Remember when I said that black holes emit particles that would “explode”? And when did the Big Bang start with a speck “exploding”?

My theory is that the universe is inside a giant black hole. And what about the other black holes inside our universe? Another theory is if possible, those black holes would turn into giant black holes, making another universe. Which means parallel universes might exist.

The Big Bang theory hasn’t been confirmed yet, nor my theory. Also, the “fact” that black holes emit particles that explode is a theory developed by Stephen Hawking, And I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to find out if it was confirmed. And a black hole isn’t a “ hole”  but an “object,” so I don’t know if the universe was actually inside one.

Aside from all that, NASA has made a telescope called the James Webb Telescope, and with the modern technology we own today, it’ll be able to take photos of how things were in space countless years ago, meaning it might show secrets of our past universe, and the photos it will send us might be able to tell us more about the universe, once and for all.

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