Family is Forever- Episode 2

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If you haven’t read the first episode of my story, you can read it Episode One here.

Uh oh, I forgot to establish the race, age, and appearance of every character.

Kevin slowly woke up to his alarm. As he walked to the kitchen, he checked on the kids.

He poured the pancake mix into the pan. As he flipped the first one, he heard a text, and it threw him off of his guard. He still got the pancake to land, though, cause he’s a pro :). “Oh shoot, I forgot they were coming.”

OKAY! Time for the intro part 2. 🎵Second Family🎵

Jayden: The father of the family with a chill attitude. Same age as Kevin. He was Kevin’s one of 2 trainers during his career. Practically Kevin’s brother. All of his family has black hair. Jayden is tall and buff. Had a temporary boxing career with a record of 6-0-0 with 6 knockouts.

Serena: the mother of the family with a happy attitude. A year younger than Jayden. She was tight with Marley during the time when she was with Kevin. Average height with a slim build. An amazing gymnast but had to quit due to an injury.

Norton: the oldest of the 3 kids. Has a happy attitude. A year older than Jack. Kevin is an uncle to him. Tall with a buff build. Is preparing for a boxing career and is being trained by both Kevin and Jayden.

Imari: the only girl of the 3 kids. 2 years younger than Jack. Has a chill attitude. Kevin is also an uncle to her. Average height with a normal build. Great soccer player.

Desmond: the youngest of the 3 kids. One year younger than Jordan and Madison. Has a happy attitude. Kevin is an uncle to him, also. Short with a slim build. Amazing American football player.

Okay, race and age.

Jayden and Serena’s family is black. This is the age of everyone:

Jayden: 40

Serena: 39

Norton: 17

Imari: 14

Desmond: 10

Kevin and Marley’s family is white. If you didn’t remember anyone’s age from part 1, here it is:

Marley, Kevin, Arthur: 40

Jack: 16.

Jordan and Madison: 11

Okay! Are you satisfied? Oh yeah, I can’t tell. Anyways, unpause.

Kevin finished the pancakes. He let the kids sleep in.

Jack woke up. As he was walking to the kitchen, he noticed something on the wall that he didn’t notice before. A WBO championship belt.

“Man, wonder if Dad could tell me about boxing or something.” He walked into the kitchen. “Hey, Dad. What’s cookin’?” Jack said. “Pancakes, flapjacks, circular waffles that are smooth, what do you wanna call ’em?” Kevin shot back.

Jack chuckled. “Older dad, the same sense of humor,” Jack replied.

Jordan, Madison, and Arthur woke up. They all said their greetings and then proceeded to eat. There was a knock at the door. Kevin opened it.

“Hey, what’s up, my man?” said Jayden. “Im doing good. By the way, have you met my kids? The two younger ones don’t know about me and Marley. Just keep it quiet. Tell Serena and the kids not to mention me being their dad around them.” Kevin replied. Jayden agreed.

Imari and Desmond went with Jordan and Madison, but Norton and Jack hung out with the adults. Jack talked to his dad about boxing.

They all talked a bit about it for a while before Jack said: “can you teach me how to box?”

To which Kevin, Norton, and Jayden replied, “Yes.” They went to the gym. “Who do you wanna spar with?” said Kevin.

“You.” Said Jack.

They got their gear on and and started. “Im gonna go easy on you,” said Kevin. Kevin popped off with a few jabs. He threw some light hooks.

All of a sudden, Jack hit Kevin with 2 powerful body blows, then a jab, then 3 uppercuts, and finally a haymaker right hook. Kevin wobbled. His nose was bleeding. BAD.

They went to the hospital due to the severity. The doctors found out Kevin had a broken nose. “You broke my nose.” Said Kevin. “Am i in trouble?” said Jack.

“No. I’m gonna train you. I’m proud that you broke my nose, impressive!” Jack then sparred with Norton in the ring. And he immediately regretted it.

Jack got bruised in 3 places. Badly. But Norton did get a bad bruise on his eye. Everyone was happy at the end of the day, so thats good. But Kevin’s family knew they had something to look forward to every other day.

I hope you enjoyed episode 2. I will work on episode 3 soon. See ya. God loves you. Byeeee!

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