Family is Forever- Episode 3

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Episode 3. I’ve made it this far. Q&A answers are also included.

Jack asked Dad for the keys to his truck (hit the shore ‘cause I’m faded), and he didn’t mean it as a reference to “This is how we do it” by Montell Jordan.

Kevin said yeah, but there was a catch: he couldn’t go to San Diego or anywhere generally near it. He couldn’t go past Birch Lake or its town, Sullerdale. Jack agreed and went out.

He put his athletic clothes on and decided to drive to the gym in Sullerdale to train a bit. He drove, and as he drove, he saw the beautiful environment surrounding him.

Alright, answer time.

When are the character’s birthdays?

Kevin: May 7th, 1983

Marley: May 15th, 1983

Arthur: March 30th, 1983

Jayden: June 2nd, 1983

Serena: January 17th, 1984

Norton: June 8th, 2005

Jack: February 18th, 2007

Imari: May 26th, 2009

Jordan and Madison: February 11th, 2012

Desmond: January 2nd, 2013.

What is Marley doing? Going on a personal vacation to Las Vegas to spend time with some family.

Will there be any boxing (not sparring) matches in the future? Yes. No spoilers on who will fight and who they will face.

I got no more questions/answers. Ask some, and I will answer them in the comments.

Btw, texts from characters will have these two things around them: – and =. I think everyone can identify who is sending what text.

Back to the story….

He parked at a dollar general to get some water eventually. As he went into the dollar general to the water, he and another girl reached for the same brand and the same bottle. They both awkwardly got another bottle.

“You like pure life too?” said Jack. “Yeah. I do. My name is Hailey, by the way,” said Hailey.

“I’m Jack. Nice to meet you.” He reached out to shake her hand. She shook it, and they talked for a while. After they both bought their water, they went outside.

“What are you doing at 3:45 in the afternoon buying some water at a dollar general? It’s not too hot,” said Hailey.

“Going to the gym to train, why?” said Jack. “Just wondering. Anyways, here’s my number. Call me later when you’re done.” Hailey shot back.

As Hailey walked away, Jack looked at the piece of paper in astonishment. He had never really been a charmer. Jack went to the gym and trained.

Naturally, he did well and improved himself too. Jack drove back home. He opened the door, and Kevin said, “What took you so long?” To which Jack replied, “I met a girl at the dollar general, and we talked a while, that’s all.”

Kevin grinned and then continued making spaghetti. Jack asked how the nose was doing. Kevin replied, “Pretty much good now.” Kevin mentioned something.

“Are you coming to *whisper whisper whisper* tomorrow?” “Yeah. Won’t miss it,” replied Jack.

They all ate, went to sleep, and woke up (sorry for the time skip). As Jack turned off his phone alarm, he texted Hailey.

-yo, it’s Jack you up?-

=’ve been up, why?=

-you wanna get lunch at waffle house or something later?-    

=Yeah, sure, sounds good. See ya later :)=

Jack then got up and ate breakfast with the family.

Jordan asked Jack, “Are you gonna have a boxing career like Uncle Kevin and Norton?” Jack replied, “Hopefully. If Mom lets me, I’d be thrilled.”

Madison asked Kevin, “When can we go to that laser tag place you mentioned while you were driving?”

Kevin shot back, “Tell you what, on Saturday.”

Everyone was satisfied with that. Arthur, Jordan, and Madison played Minecraft together while Jack and Kevin trained in the 2nd garage (Kevin is rich, I know.) used for training.

Kevin taught Jack something. “I taught this to Norton. I’ll teach it to you too. I call it a hard jab.” He demonstrated what it was.

“So it’s like a jab, but you keep it in position instead of immediately retreating your arm. Just for a little less than a second, though.

It gives more power to a jab.” Jack went to work and immediately liked the new move. They trained more, and Jack got stronger. But Jack’s alarm rang. He shut it off.

“This girl that I met yesterday, her name is Hailey. I’m having lunch with her today. I gotta get ready now.”

Jack simply used a wet rag to wipe himself off, put on some casual clothes, and a little deodorant.

“Go get her, tiger,” said Kevin.

Jack drove to the waffle house. He met Hailey there.

“Wait, wait, wait. Do you like Plants vs. Zombies? I’ve been a big fan since I was 4. I got a TON of merch,” said Hailey, who recognized Jack’s shirt.

“Yeah, too bad EA is greedy now,” said Jack. They both rolled their eyes out of frustration.

They talked for a while and actually connected. As they laughed, told stories, and ate, they both thought, “Can this day get any better?!”

After they got outside, they hugged. They exchanged addresses there, and then Hailey invited Jack over. Jack accepted and then went home.

Okay, that concludes part 3. This was written on July 1st. I hope you liked this one. Anyways, see y’all later. God loves you. PEACE!

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