Dorms N’ Stuff – Episode 2

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This is episode 2 of my exclusive series. Yes.


“And the irrational number here is the square root of 2. Why? No number multiplied by itself equals 2.” The teacher said.

“Okay, and that’s the end of our class. Go to P.E.,” The teacher ended.

They all went to P.E. Wes, Thomas, Steve, and Maverick were the best at P.E. When they played dodgeball, Maverick gracefully dodged all of the balls thrown at him. We caught any ball thrown at him. Most of which were effortless.

Thomas, due to being a soccer player, kicked any ball on the ground at the other team. It almost always hit them. Steve threw the ball so hard that it bruised the other team.

When it was finished, the four walked out without a scratch. Everyone else? Bruised and badly hurt. Geez. After activities, they went to the dorm.

“Let’s watch the Harrison-Phillips match again. That was entertaining.” Steve said.

“I only wanna watch the 5th round. That was a war.” Maverick said. “I agree with Mav. Action left and right.” Wes said.

“That walkout was emotional. I think I cried as he walked out.” Thomas said.

“I think it was the same for all of us,” Steve said. “Actually, we should watch the Morozov-Garcia match,” Maverick said.

“I’ve never really been a fan of oldies, but I like that one. ‘East vs. West: the ultimate showdown.’” Wes said.

“I’m already turning on the Harrison-Phillips match,” Steve said. “1982, Vadim Morozov goes the distance with Henry Garcia. Beautiful match.” Maverick added.

“Did you not hear me?” Steve said. “Yeah, just remembering,”  Maverick replied.

They watched the match and enjoyed it.

“Hey, doesn’t Kevin Harrison’s son go here?” Wes said. “Yeah, he lives in dorm 127, why?” Thomas said.

“Wait a minute, HE WAS HIS CORNERMAN TOO! Y’all wanna go to his dorm?” Wes noticed.

“LET GO!” Everyone said. They reached his dorm. “Yeah, who is it?” Jack said. “Yo, it’s the kids you ran into yesterday before class,” Maverick said.

“Come in.” He replied.

They walked in, and boy, did they have it good. Posters of their favorite movies, a nice study area, nice, comfy blankets and pillows, a computer, a bean bag, a lightweight couch, a big screen TV, multiple consoles, a small-but-not-mini fridge, and a coffee maker.

“WOW. This is even better than our dorm.” Maverick said. “Are you sure the floor won’t collapse? This is a lot of weight.

“This room won’t collapse, man. Chill.” Said Jack’s roommate, Chris. “I’m Ethan. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier.” Said Ethan, Jack’s roommate.

“And I’m Leo. Also sorry for not introducing myself earlier.” Said Leo. Who is ALSO Jack’s roommate.

“So y’all got a date to the prom next week?” Wes said.

“Yeah, and boy did I hit the jackpot,” Jack said. “I’m still tryna choose.” Said Chris.

“I have no invites. Sad, but that reality.” Leo said. “Yeah. And unlike Chris, I chose. And I chose the best.” Ethan said.

“How about you?” Jack replied. “All of us have dates. Oliver Quinn got my crush, though. Makes me mad. He’s such a nimwit.” Thomas said.

“Didn’t that dude try to steal Hailey?” Chris said. “Oh yeah, he did. Hailey chewed him out.” Jack added. “I don’t like Hailey, but she is the best girl in the school. Best record, 2nd the best grade next to us, 8, and is arguably the prettiest girl. Maybe Annie Carter comes a little close. Hailey is also a good athlete and can strike up a conversation pretty well. I got all that information from Jack, by the way. I believe they were made for each other.” Ethan said.

“I did NOT say Annie Carter was on par with Hailey,” Jack said. “Alright, I’ll admit, that part was my opinion.”

Everyone laughed. They all hung out and had a great time, and then our main four returned to their dorm and slept.

THE END OF EPISODE 2. That was fun to write.

Anyway, see you later. God loves you. Bye.

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