Dorms n’ Stuff – EPISODE 1

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I’m just gonna write this. I have none of this planned.



“ALRIGHT, I’M READY LET’S GO!” Thomas said.

They ran like Usain Bolt to class. They accidentally bumped into the new kid, who was in 11th grade.

“Sorry, didn’t see you there, we gotta get to class,” Maverick said. “You’re fine. I’m late too.” Jack said.


WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, PAUSE. Just so you know, FIF (Family is Forever) and Dorms n’ Stuff will overlap stories in the future.

That last line was a bit of a spoiler. Sorry. Unpause.


“10 SECONDS!” Thomas said. “WE’RE ALMOST THERE!” Wes added.

They got into class LITERALLY at the last second. All of them were straight A+ students, except Steve, who was just a straight-A student.

In this 7-12th grade dormitory school, they were the popular kids, not because of their smarts, but because of their looks and their dorm.

Wes played some good football for the 7th & 8th football teams, while Steve was an excellent player for the 7th & 8th baseball teams, and Maverick was training for boxing, which was a High school sport, so he could do it next year.

Wes played on the soccer team and was also the best player in his grade division.

In this dormitory school, they got their work done very quickly. 10-12 work. 12-1, lunch. 1-3, work.

They effectively cut the work hours in half. Right when everyone was in class, they got to work, everyone was on the same page, and they worked fast and hard.

From 3-5, they did activities. 5-10, free time. There was more free time than work time.

Each dorm had a chaperone to monitor activities and where they went.

At lunch, they sat at their very own table. They were middle class, but they were treated like they were rich.

As they walked to the table, they talked along the way.

“Are we still having that date, Steve?” A girl named Kate said. “Yeah, of course, at 6:00. And I know, Italian,” Steve replied.

“How’s the training going, Mav?” A guy named Dexter said. “I broke the bag yesterday, so I’m assuming, well,” Maverick replied.

“I saw that game you played yesterday, Wes. You’re goated!” A guy named Phil said. “Just playing soccer, that’s all it is,” Wes replied.

“Hey, you play me in the speed tournament. You better have quick hands.” A girl named Dakota said.

“I’m good with cards, so I might wanna kiss that money goodbye,” Thomas said. The four sat down.

“Why don’t we go around San Diego and do some stuff, Ferris Bueller style?” Maverick said.

“Let’s wait till a holiday. Mr. Davis will know if we’re sick or just faking it.” Steve said. “Yeah, that’s what I meant,” Maverick replied.

“Moving on to another topic, how are yall doing in real boxing 2?” Thomas said. “I’m in Rome. Can’t wait for the minigun special move.” Wes replied.

“Im stuck in Asia. I can’t beat D-evil.” Maverick said. “You are trash, Mav. I’ve already completed my career 100%. Plus, I’m ranked in the top 0.01% of boxers worldwide.” Steve said.

“Yeah yeah,” Maverick said as he ate his final piece of pizza.

The bell rang. It was time for class again. All of them took the test, and all of them got a 100. They finished class and did activities. After they finished, they got free time.

“Yall just wanna go to the dorm and play some Escapists 2?” Steve said. “Yeah, you and Mav can play on the ps4, I’ll get my Steam Deck, and Thomas will get his switch,” Wes said.

They played Escapist 2 and had a blast.

“STOP HITTING ME WITH THE MOP!” Maverick said. “Hahaha, now I’m tying you up with duct tape. Good luck making roll call.” Steve said.

“Im making a makeshift stun gun. Good luck surviving a hit from this.” Wes said. “Im making a super metal baton. Good luck getting close.” Thomas said. They played till 10, and then went to sleep.

I hope yall liked this randomly made story. More may be coming soon. See yall later.

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