Armed and Dangerous EP. 2

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“Successful heist. That deserves a vintage butterscotch dilly bar.” Ed said to Pedro while gently pulling the delicious treat out of the time freezer.

“I thought DQ stopped making those 19 years ago,” Pedro said in amazement.

“I have my personal stock. When we robbed Fort Knox 2 years ago, I stole about ten 6-pack boxes of these. It’s one of the three places in the world that still makes these.” Ed replied.

“What are the other two places?” Pedro asked.

“That one Dairy Queen on 35th Street and the Kremlin,” Ed said joyfully before engulfing the dilly bar.

They went to their pool table. But after a brief struggle, Ed won.

“You ever wonder about the difference between honorable thieves and dishonorable thieves?” Ed asked Pedro.

“Yes. Honorable ones do not kill innocents, do not fire unless fired at, do not rob churches, orphanages, or charities, and do not ransom or hold hostages. Dishonorable ones have no rules, amigo.” Pedro replied.

After another week of planning, they decided to execute this plan to rob the First World Bank, in which they would steal the diamond of the isles worth 35 million dollars.

Main vehicle? Tier V military-grade super helicopter.

Weapons? A pulse rifle and desert eagle.

It was planned. Ed was dropped on the roof. Little did he know, this heist would not be the same as his previous ones.


This one was short, but it leads up to a major event.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it!


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