Issák’s Gift – a Christmas story

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Before I start, I am no expert with holiday stories. So this is pretty awful, but maybe you’ll like it who knows..

Issák stepped out of the bus during Christmas Eve, feeling the winter wind on his face. He just arrived to Masi, Norway from his hometown in Narvik. He was gonna spend a weekend with his cousins during Christmas.

“I don’t know if I would like this.” Issák said beneath his breath, as he walked in the snow and felt his short, blonde hair flowing in the wind.

He walked towards a small tent, where he saw some of his family. 

“Buorres.” Said Issák, waving to them, and rushing outside.

He spent the rest of afternoon playing on his phone, and trying to fly his drone. He did not wanted to live traditionally like his other side of the family, he wanted to live a modern life like he did in Narvik.

While Issák was attempting to capture a picture of a reindeer, he got called by his Uncle Huâttar for dinner.

“I’m coming.” He said, running towards the tent.

For dinner, they simply just had fish stew. 

Issák looked around the tent. He saw his 11-year old cousin Liná, and his 6-year old cousin Mihkkel talking in Northern Sami, and without cell phones.

“What are they saying?” He asked his uncle.

“They’re talking about what to gift each other for Christmas.” He said.

After dinner, everyone went to play outside. Liná tried making an ice sculpture of a mountain, and Mihkkel was doing snow angels.

Issák  went outside and kept playing with his drone. He managed to get some good footage of that reindeer he found earlier. Then, he tried taking a picture of Liná, who was short, had blonde hair and blue eyes and was wearing traditional Sami clothes. 

But then, something terrible happened. Issák’s drone crashed her Ice Sculpture! 

Liná fell and started crying. “Mihkkel’s gift, it’s ruined.” she said, feeling very disappointed.

But then, Issák had an idea. When the 2 kids were sleeping, he woke up. He got his drone, printed the images and pasted them onto the tent. After that, he wrote “Merry Christmas” in the snow, and recorded it on the Drone. He then changed the video into his phone, and played it in his PowerPoint player.

When Liná woke up, she was really happy. And so was Mihkkel. They Loved their gift, since they never seem something like Issák’s gift.

After that, Liná got up and gave him a small gift box. Inside the Box, there was a traditional bracelet she made. 

“This is cool.” Issák said. He liked the bracelet, and he put it on his arm. Then, he got the drone and took a photo of everyone. 

This was the best Christmas he had.

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