Armed and Dangerous EP. 1

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This is my first KN story since August.

I have gained major experience from making about 12 series on KT.

Now, it’s time to unleash some of that experience. This is a new format to you, but it will be this way, so it will not take moderators more time to edit and approve.

This story will get an 11-14 age rating.



Edward just got his Desert Eagle. He got his M16A1 and put on his body armor, face mask, and gas mask. Lastly, he got his gas bombs and special equipment.

“Come on, Pedro, where’s that Falcon?” Edward asked Pedro on the radio. It was June 27th, 2052.

Edward Gomez was in the prime of his life, 26 years old. FBI’s most wanted and KOS status (Kill On Sight) by the NDCP (National Department of Citizen Protection).

“Falcon’s coming, amigo,” Pedro replied.

“Fastest flying car on the market. They were invented 30 years ago. You would think they would’ve improved it enough to where it could go faster.” Ed replied, laughing.

The falcon got to the roof of the Lady Liberty Hotel.

“Hey, I appreciate the disguise watch you made. Much safer to go around.” Ed added.

“Any time, keep it 50/50, and I’ll keep pumping out more,” Pedro replied.

“25th story, I’m living the life,” Ed said as he walked to the Falcon car.

“Let me move in, and I’ll improve the research,” Pedro said back as Ed entered.

They flew past the Statue of Liberty, looking at it.

“I know you’ve been wanting the NBJ bank job for years.” Pedro randomly said.

“Yeah, today is the day, my friend. Pulling it off with old weapons, as a matter of fact.” Ed replied.

“Why are you so obsessed with that Desert Eagle?” Asked Pedro.

“Penetrates any of their standard issue body armor, and it does it well,” Edward replied.

“Alright then, if you get caught, don’t mention me,” Pedro said.

“We’re family; we go down together. I’m going, old man, this time, what do you think?” Edward replied and asked.

“Good. Now, tear them up.” Pedro said before dropping Edward off.

Edward slowly walked up to the desk in his old man disguise.

“What may I do for you today, sir?” The lady asked.

“I need to make a deposit,” Edward said in the old man’s voice.

“Yes sir, what account?” The lady asked again.

“Your vault,” Edward said, pulling out the desert eagle, still in the old man’s disguise.

He rushed to the side.

“Don’t you press that. Get in front of me, single file line.” Edward commanded. He threw a wall gadget to prevent anyone from pressing the alarm button or getting out.

He led them to a room and locked them in. Then, he went to the vault and cracked the code.

Pulling out his hammerspace bag, he stuffed every single thing of even small value. But there was nothing else.

He took out a piece of paper and wrote down this:

“From your favorite robber, Ed.” Then, he put the paper on the wall.

Walking outside with his M16A1, he saw police outside.

“FREEZE!” They yelled.

“How bout no?” Ed replied as he activated his body shield gadget, protecting him from fire.

The falcon went in, picking Ed up and turning invisible.

“You little doubter!” Edward said joyfully with a smile.

“You know I was messing with you!” Pedro said before putting his arm around Ed’s shoulder, also smiling.

End of episode 1


I hope you enjoyed it! More coming soon!

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