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This will be like a movie that will be long, and it may have a sequel.

Anyway, this story will also have an 11-14 age rating. Enjoy.

“Anomaly #17. Stuck in the Dark Hell universe, he’s been messing up the timeline there for decades.” The operator says.

“No problem,” Deacon replied.

“Alright then. Get in.” The operator tells him.

“Okay,” Deacon says before stepping in.

Deacon spawns in the universe with his Predator Spear and a massive Apex Flail.

A horrifying monster looking like a fiend roars at him nearby. He throws his spear at it, killing it, and recalls the spear.

All of a sudden, a wave of them comes.

“Your problem now.” The operator says.

COMING 12/1/23

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