Alt For Norge – Review by VikimgGirl26 (Carly)

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Because of the story I am writing, I will start uploading 3 times a week now. 2 articles and 1 chapter of the story. The story is called Stina.

One strange thing about me is that…. I barely watch TV. I usually just watch YouTube but on the television. So when my friend told me about this TV show, I decided to watch it. And it is quite a ride!

I also added an extra part in which you got to learn about Kate, one of the contestants, and her experience in the show.

Alt for Norge, known as The Great Norwegian Adventure to American audiences, is a reality show created in Norway. It is very interesting, as it is a concept that I thought would never happen.

In Alt For Norge, a group of 12 Norwegian Americans were selected to go to Norway. Why? Well, because they think Norway is cool.  But here is the catch.

They have to learn about Norway the hard way by doing crazy challenges. And what does the winner win after episodes of suffering? A chance to meet their Norwegian Relatives  in their ancestral hometown and a cash prize.

The challenges are basically trying to learn about Norwegian culture. Some are funny, like trying to learn Cross-Country Skiing for the first time; others are Interesting, like trying to sing a Norwegian pop song in front of everyone; and others are sad, like when they learn about the hardships of early Norwegian Americans. (trust me, I cried, laughed and tried doing the challenges myself. I ended up almost breaking my vocal cords with my Norwegian language skills.)

Kate’s Story

In Alt for Norge, Kate was a contestant in the 7th season. She was born in Ballard, a town near Seattle, Washington, which is a city well-known for its Scandinavian heritage (she has described the city with the largest 17 Mai celebration outside of Norway and grocery stores flying All Scandinavian flags.

It is home to the USA’s largest Nordic heritage museum). Kate Learned both the  Norwegian language and Norwegian culture from her mom; however, when she died when she was preteen, she has lost connection to her heritage ever since.

However, Kate found out about Alt For Norge and decided to sign up. She wanted to see her older relatives and her farm in her Ancestral Town of Rissa in the province of Sør.

Kate got accepted, and she ended up winning 2nd place. Kate’s favorite challenge was pretending to be a troll (Not an internet troll, but a Scandinavian folklore troll.) 

Today, Kate is a blogger who has her own website displaying her Norwegian heritage. She also appeared on an interview with The Norwegian American, which is a  A popular magazine about Norwegian Culture which is based in Minneapolis.

She also became a member of the Daughters Of Norway Association, a group dedicated to helping Teen and Young Adult girls learn about their Norwegian heritage through many activities.

Conclusion? Alt For Norge is an amazing Reality show that you should watch. If you lke Norwegian culture, Reality shows and seeing people appreciate their heritage, check it out!

BTW, If I have to give it an age rating it will perhaps be 12+. It isn’t a kids show, but it also isn’t a show for adults.

I give this show 4 out of 5 star

Rating: 4.75/5. From 8 votes.
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