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So, I made a post back in October of last year called “40 Questions: Nordic Edition,” and that post is kinda outdated. So, I am gonna do another one for 2024.

This is basically all from the point of view of a 13-year-old Nordic enthusiast help

40 Questions: Nordic Edition

What aspects of Nordic culture resonate with you the most?

Well… The chillness. They’re very chill, and I accept that. I am chill.

Have you ever visited any Nordic countries? If so, which ones and what was your experience like?

None. Sadly.

Do you have any favorite Nordic traditions or customs?

17 Mai

My favorite Nordic tradition is 17 Mai. It is the only one I can actually observe. I have a Norwegian flag, AND I have a Bunad. Oh yeah, and I can scream the national anthem at school.

I am also gonna observe St Urho’s day (Inga, time for you to shine). Oh yeah, and International Nordic Day is three days before my birthday. Noice.

How do you personally connect with Nordic mythology and folklore?

The folklore is great. Truly a 10/10 experience. (except with the “Viking” guys who just ruin Nordic folklore) 

Are there any Nordic artists, writers, or musicians who have influenced you?

Well… Artists: This one artist named Sharon Aamodt (who’s a Norwegian-American, but she counts. She makes paintings of people, mostly girls, with traditional Scandinavian clothes.

She died 10 years ago, but she’s still a great artist. Search up  “Sharon Aadmodt Art”), The author is Vilhelm Moberg, and I have too many musicians.

Have you tried any traditional Nordic foods? If so, which ones, and what do you think of them?

I tried IKEA meatballs, and they’re the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Icelandic yogurt tasted like paper, and Danish Cheese was ok.

I also tried a type of Swedish cookies made out of rye, and those tasted really bad. I also tried Norwegian Salmon, and it is the absolute greatest.

What Nordic languages, if any, do you speak or have you attempted to learn?

I am very fluent in Norwegian, semi-fluent in Northern Sámi and Icelandic, and I am doing okay with Swedish. I attempted to learn Old Norse in December 2022 but stopped in January 2023 due to a lack of resources

Have you read any Nordic literature?

Moomin and The Emigrants >:D The two greatest Nordic book series. Oh yeah, and Swede Hollow. Scandinavian-American Immigrant Novels (SAINs) and Nordic folklore in general are great. 

Do you incorporate any Nordic design or aesthetic elements in your daily life?

Nei. I do have the flag of the Norway-Sweden Union of 1814 on my wall because I can.

How do you feel about the concept of “hygge” and its importance in Nordic culture?

Hygge is Hygge. I personally think Hygge is really amazing since it is really cozy. I am not Hygge tho I am very anxious *cries in Anxiety*

Do you participate in any Nordic outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, or fishing?

two person walking towards mountain covered with snow

Hiking is funsies even though I barely do it, I don’t live in a snowy place and I don’t live near a lake.

Have you attended any Nordic festivals or celebrations?

Not yet. However, in 5 months, I’m GOING TO NORDICFEST IN MINNESOTA YIPPPIE. I am also going to Norsk Hostefest in North Dakota for my middle school graduation, so I can’t wait for that as well.

How do you feel about the concept of “lagom” and its significance in Nordic society?

Lagom is great. I mean, we need equality in everything. Too much or too little is bad; we need to have enough of anything, just like how they say it in that Captain Underpants episode.

What Nordic values or principles do you find particularly inspiring?

The 4 horsemen of Nordic Values

  • Hygge
  • Fika
  • Lagom
  • Sisu

Have you explored any Nordic history or historical figures?

I know this is so random since everyone’s gonna say the Viking Age, but I am a 19th-century Scandinavian history kinda person. I like that era. Oh yeah, and Scandinavian-American history is coolio.  Viking Age is cool as well… But I personally find 19th-century Scandinavia more interesting because of all the chaos happening there. I blame this on The Emigrants. (I want a SAIN cosplay now oml) 

Do you have any Nordic-inspired clothes?

I have a lot of Nordic-themed T-shirts, like 5 or 6 of them. I also own a Bunad (the one that is dark greenish and has pink flowers), Icelandic Dale socks, and Sámi gloves. 

Have you learned about Nordic environmental initiatives and sustainability practices?

Not yet. I do know that Sweden (or is it Norway?) exports trash. I forgot this fact, but I remember I learned this from a documentary about Stockholm I saw back in October.

How do you feel about the Nordic approach to work-life balance?


I did hear that they have really high salaries. Scandinavia isn’t expensive due to the jobs. Yes, If you’re a visitor, it may be expensive, but if you live there and have a job, it isn’t.

Are there any Nordic landmarks or natural wonders you would love to visit?

Viking Ship Museums

The Viking Ship Museums… And Duvemåla (cuz of The Emigrants) oh yeah, and I want to go to Sámi villages

Have you connected with any Nordic communities or individuals online?

Yess! Sons of Norway/Daughters of Norway forums and Kidztalk :3 

Just don’t tell Daughters of Norway I’m in the forums since Daughters of Norway has new policies surrounding non-Scandinavian members. Yeah.

What Nordic outdoor landscapes do you find the most breathtaking?

top view of river

FjordsFjordsFjords and Northern Lights.

northern lights over snow-capped mountian

Do you enjoy Nordic music genres, such as folk, metal, or electronic?

I love Nordic folk and Nordic Pop. I usually listen mostly to music in Norwegian and Swedish, A lot of times in Sámi languages and Finnish, but I barely listen to Danish music. I really like a lot of artists. 

Also, I don’t like heavy metal (except Månegarm), and Scandinavian Electronic is both bad and good. Alan Walker is great. I don’t like those Afterski EDM artists tho.

Have you tried any Nordic wellness practices, such as saunas?

Once, I tried turning my bathroom into a sauna, but it went horribly wrong. Snufkin broke into my house and was like, “WHY ARE YOU FINNISH?” and then he summoned all the members of Haloo Helsinki.

Just Kidding. No.

How do you incorporate Nordic minimalism into your living space, if at all?

We have already gone to IKEA, but there is no minimalism.

Do you have any favorite Nordic clothing brands or fashion styles?

Ingbretsen’s is the pinnacle of Nordic stores. Even though they mostly sell food and books, Ingbretsen brand clothes are really great. The thing is that the Bunad accessories are overpriced. I mean the Bunad Hoods are 250$, and Soljus is 125$, so… But their casual clothes are beautiful.

I own a hoodie from them.

Have you explored the concept of “fika” and its role in Nordic socializing?

Yes. Fika is very chill. Just replace coffee with water. I just love sitting at a table and info-dumping the universe with Nordicness.

What Nordic architectural styles or buildings do you find fascinating?

a red house sitting on top of a lush green hillside

No explanation. The cabins are beautiful. Very Beautiful. I want to live in one of those remote Nordic cabins in the middle of the forest. I changed my mind; I am not a city girl anymore; I’m a Nordic forest girl.

How do you feel about the Nordic approach to education?

I mean, those kids are lucky. They don’t have to take tests until the 6th grade, they have 4 days of school, and they have no homework. Plus I get to take Nordic history everyday. Amazing. Wish my school was like this.

If you could control Nordic history, what would you do?

I will make Sápmi, Faroe Islands, and Greenland Independent. I will also ensure Minnesota gets annexed by Norway, and I will give Åland Islands to Sweden so they can be a city (I mean, Stockholm is a group of islands. Thus, Åland can also be a city or state. But at least change the name since there is a state called Öland, which has no association whatsoever with Åland, except they’re both Islands that speak Swedish)

Do you enjoy Nordic outdoor festivals or events, such as midsummer celebrations?

I am participating in Midsummer this year. Other than that, I haven’t done anything for Nordic outdoor festivals. And for those who are wondering. most people survive Midsummer.

What Nordic landscapes or settings would you love to see in person?

lighthouse near body of water

I really want to see the fjords. I want to visit the Faroe Islands since they are very calm and I don’t like people.


How do you feel about the concept of “sisu” and its resilience in Nordic culture?

Sisu can solve all problems. With enough sisu, you can summon the entire Finnish population. However, Sisu is magical, so you have to keep your Sisu at lagoon levels.

(IngaTheFinnishAmerican don’t Kill me)

Have you tried any Nordic craft or DIY projects?

I have a hand-painted dala horse and one of those Danish Christmas heart ornaments. Also, I own a Sweden coloring book I bought on Amazon for 6$ that is really fun to do (I just finished coloring a picture of Gamla Stan in Sweden)

Do you incorporate any Nordic home decor elements in your living space?


What Nordic films or TV shows have left a lasting impression on you?

The TV show The Great Norway Adventure, and the movie adaptions (there are 3. 2 from the 1970s and one from 2021) of The Emigrants.

Let’s just say I really like The Emigrants. I can’t blame anybody since well. The Emigrants is very well-written, it is emotional, and it actually makes you feel like you’re in the book. Also, my mom was born a month after Vilhelm Moberg died so… COINCIDENCE?

Have you explored any Nordic art movements or contemporary artists?

There is this artist I like called Chiara (Her blog is called Artsy Nordic Language Learner, formerly Pastel Scandinavian). She makes really cute drawings of Nordic culture, and she speaks all Nordic languages (yes, even Sámi). It is also almost her birthday, so happy 26th birthday Chiara. You’re my idol.

Do you have any favorite Nordic myths, legends, or fairy tales?

I have a lot of them. 

How do you feel about the Nordic sense of community?

They’re chill. I know some people think they’re rude, but I don’t. I support privacy.

Have you connected with any Nordic heritage or ancestry in your family?

I personally do not don’t have any direct connection with Nordic Heritage. I do, however, have a cousin named Logan who is Swedish-American, and it has been revealed that one of my biological aunts is of very small (between 3% and 25%)  Nordic descent.

How long have you been into Nordic countries?

1 year, 6 months :-0

Did you ever dislike Nordic countries?

Shocking. But yes. I actually did not want to be a SAIN  (the SAIN was the meet Kirsten book. Here’s a post I made explaining it when I was 11 (I had like a kajillion problems when I was 11), and I also denied the existence of Sweden. I no longer have beef with SAINers and Swedes. 

So. this is it. This is my exploration and journey of being a Nordic enthusiast. May 21, 2022, was the day I found out what I am actually into and what I am meant to be like. Ha det Vikings <3

I promise I will stop with the personal articles… I am writing one on the Sámi people, so yeah.

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