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Americas favorite two pets. Cat vs dog. Meow vs woof.

A Little About Cats

Cats have incredible eyesight and hunting skills. They are super agile and good at catching prey. Some people think cats favorite food is milk but when in reality, milk can actually do more bad than good in cats. Cats are actually lactose intolerant which means if they have dairy they will get a stomach ache or get sick. Another fact is having cats as domestic pet dates back to a way, way, long times ago in ancient Egypt where they were once worshipped as gods or goddesses.

A Little About Dogs

Dogs have a very keen sense of smell. Some dogs are trained to sniff out lost people or animals, bombs and a lot more. There are many, many breeds of dogs. Some include, husky, Pomeranian, golden retriever, poodle, chow chow and hundreds more.

Dogs can be trained to do almost any trick ranging from the simple fetching a ball to learning words and their owners voice. Some very intelligent dogs can also be trained to be service dogs. Service dogs help people who are blind or in a wheelchair. For example, if you are blind and you had a service dog, it would tell you when or when not to safely cross the street. Becoming a service dog is NOT an easy job. You have to go through many years of training and school and lots of hard work.

Tell me in the comments which one you prefer, cats or dogs. You can also vote! I also want to know some reasons why! I would love to hear about all the lovely animals on the planet. You can even post your own pet pictures.

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