I Answered 39 Questions About Nordic Culture

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  1. What is your favorite Nordic country, and why?

Answer: Norway. It is the 1st one I got introduced to, and it is very interesting and cool.

2. Have you ever visited any Nordic countries? If so, which ones and what was your favorite experience?

Answer: None 🙁

3. What is your favorite Nordic dish or food?

Answer: Swedish Meatballs and Norwegian Salmon.

Swedish Meatballs

4. Are there any Nordic traditions or customs that you find interesting or unique?

Answer: Midsommar. They burn stuff a lot in the Norwegian and Danish Midsommar celebrations.

5. Do you have any favorite Nordic films or TV shows?

Answer: Frozen (it was made in Bergen, Norway) and Alt For Norge/Alt For Sverige Reality show.

6. Have you read any Nordic literature? If so, what are some of your favorite Nordic books or authors?

Answer: THE EMIGRANTS (also I like Arland O. Fiske’s Scandinavian Heritage anthologies).

7. What is your favorite Nordic music or musician?

Answer: I like all Nordic folk music even though I like Nordic pop as well. My Favorite Nordic singers are Helene Bøksle, Harald Foss, Arve Moen Bergset, Mari Boine  and Ole Hartz. Bands, I like Garmarna, KEiiNO and Hedningrana.

8. Are there any Nordic landmarks or attractions that you would love to visit?

Answer: I want to visit the Ice Hotels of Sapmi and The Viking Ship Museums in Denmark and Norway.

Ice Hotels of Sapmi

9. Do you have any Nordic-inspired hobbies or interests?

Answer: I like researching Nordic history, and I love to draw Nordic things.

10. Have you tried any Nordic outdoor activities, such as skiing or hiking?

Answer: Hiking is fun :0

11. Are there any Nordic festivals or celebrations that you would like to experience?

Answer: I am Going to Nordicfest next year (Minnesota), but I want to go to Riđđu Riđđu in Norway and Norsk Høst in North Dakota.

Riđđu Riđđu

12. What is your favorite Nordic myth or legend?

Answer: The legend of Björn and The Skogrå. The sung version is amazing.

13. Have you learned any Nordic languages? If so, which ones and how did you learn them?

Answer: Norwegian, Swedish, Old Norse, and Northern Sami.

14. Are there any Nordic artists or designers whose work you admire?

Answer: There is a Danish artist named Chiara Klara Claire who runs a Nordic-inspired art blog. She is so inspirational, and I love her art.

Her blog is called ScandinavianPastel.

15. Do you have any favorite Nordic clothing brands or styles?

Answer: Icelandic Dale Sweaters

16. What is your favorite Nordic word or phrase?

Answer: “Skål,” “Hygge,” and “Uff Da” are part of my daily vocabulary.

17. Have you attended any Nordic cultural events or exhibitions?

Answer: I went to a Scandinavian heritage center this summer, and the lady was so kind. 🙂 Also, I went to a museum in Denmark in September.

I really want to go to the Finnish Cultural Expo in Michigan, Utvandarnahus (The Emigrants House) in Sweden, and the Nordic Heritage Museum in Washington.

Nordic Heritage Museum

18. Are there any Nordic historical figures that you find fascinating?

Asnwer: Leif Eriksson. No explanation.

19. Do you have any favorite Nordic architectural styles or buildings?

Answer: Fishermen’s houses (In Northern Scandinavia) look so pretty and cozy.

20. Have you tried any Nordic crafts or traditional handicrafts?

Answer: Today, I decided to start sewing a scarf for my Bunad that I got yesterday.

21. What is your favorite Nordic landscape or natural feature?

Answer: The Aurora Borealis is so cool. I really want to see them.

22. Are there any Nordic inventions or innovations that you find impressive?

Answer: IKEA. And Kahoot!

23. Do you have any favorite Nordic museums or art galleries?

Answer: I haven’t been to any.

24. Have you explored any Nordic folklore or fairy tales?

Answer: YESSS.

25. What does Nordic culture mean to you personally?

Answer: It is a beautiful, amazing culture that should be protected at all times.

26. How do you personally connect with Nordic culture?

Answer: I have a Swedish-American cousin.

27. Are there any aspects of Nordic culture that resonate with you on a personal level?

Answer: No. I am Venezuelan myself, and I feel like unless I find potential Nordic ancestry, I can’t really have a very large connection with Nordic culture.

28. Have you incorporated any Nordic elements into your lifestyle or home decor?

Answer: Yes! I have an IKEA table, I have a Norway flag on my wall, and I have Nordic decor in my room.

29. Do you have any favorite Nordic recipes or culinary traditions that you practice?

Answer: I really want to make Lefse.

30. Are there any Nordic values or principles that you admire or try to embody?

Answer: Lagom. The Swedish act of having not too much and not too little.

31. Have you made any Nordic friends or connections through your interest in Nordic culture?

Answer: One of my friends is Danish-American. My other friend is Saudi-American, and she really loves Nordic culture as much as I do.

32. Have you participated in any Nordic-inspired events or activities in your local community?

Answer: No. All the Nordic things in my state are not in my city.

33. Do you follow any Nordic influencers or content creators who inspire you?

Answer: Jonna Jinton, Kelly Louise Killjoy, and NorseMythsAndMagic. You guys are cool.

34. Have you shared your love for Nordic culture with others, and if so, how?

Answer: Yes. I hadn’t told my parents until August of last year about my love for Nordic culture. It took me almost 9 MONTHS to tell my dad about Nordic culture. Now, my parents absolutely support me.

35. How has your interest in Nordic culture influenced your perspective or worldview?

Answer: I talk about Nordic culture all the time.

36. Do you have any plans or goals for exploring or immersing yourself in Nordic culture?

Answer: YESSSS. I want to go to every Nordic heritage center in the US. I went to 3 so far.

37: Have you ever considered living or studying in a Nordic country?

Answer: Yes. Norway or Iceland.

38. Are there any specific aspects or elements of Nordic culture that you would like to learn more about?

Answer: I want to learn more about The Kalmar Union and The Sami people.

Sami people

39. Do you feel a sense of belonging or connection to the Nordic region, and if so, why?

Answer: Yeah. Sometimes  I listen to Nordic music, and I feel like I am there.

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