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Hi, as you know, my username is Mesal1kepugz27, but since I can’t tell you my real name, I’ll just give you a hint: it starts with G.

Let me tell you some of my favorites.

My favorite color is red, and and enjoy eating tomatoes. Pigs are my favorite animals and I love watching Owlhouse on TV.

My IRL best friend is Itrules0ut, but I can’t say his name (true identity) either.

Here’s another fact: I have a split dye hair due, half orange, half blue. I usually wear my hair in pigtail braids.

Here is a drawing of myself to show you. It also shows how bad I am at drawing.

I’m currently in 4th grade, and I live in California.

At home, I have three dogs named Loki (husky), Luna (mountain cur), and Dracula (pug).

That’s all, bye!

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