Aisla’s Adventure Chapter – 2

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Aisla spent the rest of her day thinking about the butterfly she saw. It can’t be true… But, I know I saw it….It is true… Or is it not? Mom doesn’t believe me. I’ll tell Dad Thought Aisla.

The next day, Aisla woke up early, unable to wait to ask her dad about the butterfly. She brushed her curly brown hair out of her face and yawned. She patted Brownie, her pet puppy. She ran to her dad’s bedroom, and found him reading a book with a cup of coffee in his hand.

“Hey, Aisla!” said Dad, Mr.Jones. “You’re up early today! Anything’s up?”

“Yeah, Dad!” replied Aisla. “I want to ask you something!”

“Okay, Aisla, go ahead!”

“I saw a magical butterfly!” said Aisla, excitedly.

“In your dream?” asked Dad

“No, Dad,” said Aisla. “In real! In the forest!”

“You must have imagined it, Aisla!” said Dad. “Now get ready for school!”

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