What Information Is OKAY To Share Online?

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Things That Are OKAY To Share:

(These are things you can share when chatting with other kids or online people.)

  • Your Country/State
  • What you like to do/hobbies
  • What you look like

Things That Are SOMETIMES OKAY To Share:

(This means that you can share these things WITH AND ONLY WITH parental permission.)

  • Your first name
  • your age
  • The grade you are in

Things That Are NEVER OKAY To share:

(If you share these things with somebody you have not met, you may be in danger. NEVER share this information.)

  • Your last name
  • Your address
  • The school you go to
  • Usernames and passwords for other websites and games
  • Pictures or videos of yourself or people you know
  • Recordings with your voice
  • The city or town where you live

Remember, the things you share online are FREE for EVERYONE to look at. For this reason, DO NOT share anything personal or inappropriate.

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