10 Steps to Do your Homework Correctly – By Alex

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Hello friends!!

Today I’m made a different post about doing homework correctly and on time.

Here, I’ll tell you a major method to do your homework well. This is not a made up one and is the method I follow. I usually get high ranks, like 1 or 2 in my class, and this helped me a lot. Anyways, this is just a homework helper method. It is not a test helper, since when a test is near you can’t spend too much time reading all the material. If you all need a Test Helper method, it would be great if you tell it in the comment bar and I’ll make a post for that too.

Let’s go through the HOMEWORK HELPER method!!!!!!

1.) First, read all the homework questions which you have to answer. Don’t think about the answers for them. Just read them and keep them in mind.

2.) Get your reading books and short notes (or text book if you have ) and read the lesson, or parts related to the questions you have to answer.

3.) Try to understand and remember the facts, theories, or methods in the book.

4.) If you do not understand them well, ask an elder (grownup) to help you with it.

5.) You can also search on the internet for websites and videos about the questions and watch them carefully. Sometimes you’ll not want this step if you can get better help from elders.

6.) Try to remember what you have just learned from books and the internet and see how much you have memorized and understood.

7.) Next, take a deep breath and feel relaxed. Go and drink a glass of water. This is a necessary step, as when you are stressed you remember nothing!

8.) Now take your pen or pencil out and start writing answers for your questions.

9.)  Always try to write answers with the memorized facts.

10.) If you have forgotten something you can refer to your reading book again, but ONLY IF IT IS NOT A REAL TEST, and don’t just copy the answer. Read it and memorize it first, and then answer ANOTHER question. After that, answer the FORGOTTEN question.

You’ll definitely be able to achieve good results by following this method.

Even though I’m still 12 , with my experience I can say this is a very successful method to do your homework well. Although this spends a bit more time than other ways, it works better.

Following this method helped me to do all my homework correctly. In the beginning, I spent a lot of time doing this and thought about giving up. but my mom told me not to give it up and she helped me with it. Now I’m doing well and getting all correct answers. I also do all the work on time.

Anyway, it’s time to leave. But I have something to tell you!!

  • Tell me your comments about this article.
  • If you follow any other good methods to do your homework well, please share it with us here in the comments below.
  • Was this helpful to you to get your homework done well, or did it not help?
  • Please reply with your answers.

See you all soon tomorrow !!

Have Good night / good evening /good afternoon, or a nice day wherever you live!!!


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